Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Locket

Lush Cosmetics Love Locket Review
Lush Cosmetics Love Locket Review
Lush Cosmetics Love Locket Review
Lush Cosmetics Love Locket Review
Love Locket | £6.95

If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I have a huge obsession with Lush! On a recent trip to Essex to visit Charlie's family, we popped into Lush and I picked up a few bath bombs. This is the first time I've EVER gone into Lush and not gone mad, are you proud? 

I had a look at the Valentines collection and wasn't overly amazed, I think it has been better in previous years, but I did really like the look of 'Love Locket' I was in two minds though, because £6.95 it is a pretty hefty price tag for a bath bomb, but it was so pretty, I couldn't leave without one! It is designed to be used for three baths though, so I didn't think the price was too bad for three uses.

Lush say - "The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. In the same way, you have to unlock (crack open) this Love Locket bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within… The outside shell of this bath bomb is full of paper confetti hearts that will float up through the water. When you break open your Locket you will also find a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb hidden within, that’s filled with agar hearts to create a romantic spectacle in the bath. Love Locket is made with a blend of uplifting and sensual oils to create a luxurious, indulgent Valentine’s Day treat. Create the perfect romantic bath for two and immerse yourselves in a cascade of hearts!"

I was half tempted to just use it in one go, but that would be one expensive bath! At first, I just put the small heart in, which I loved because out exploded lots of little hearts, but it only gave the water a small tint of pink, so I added another half of the heart!

This is the perfect ingredient if you want a true princess bath, filled with pink water, glitter and tiny hearts. The only niggle I have with this is that it does fizz away super quickly and it's not really an exciting bath bomb. Personally, for the money, I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Have you tried this? How did you find it?

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