Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food | £9.04 30ml

Before I went to Mexico, I had never experienced a long haul flight before, so when it came to choosing which products to take on the plane with me, I felt pretty clueless. Obviously,I turned to reading lots of different tips on blogs. I heard from so many different people that they hate how dehydrated their skin gets whilst on a long haul flight. I have pretty dry skin normally anyway, so I definitely had to pick up a moisturiser that I could apply whilst I was in the air. I found Amelia and Fleurs 'Top 10 Travel Essentials' video extremely helpful and right after I finished watching it I headed right over to Feel Unique *Haul Here* to purchase some of the items they spoke about, one of them being Skin Food from Weleda. There are three different sizes to choose from 

Skin Food is described as a cream, but the texture is definitely more balm-like and it smells very medicinal and herbal. I applied this to my face on the flight and I have to admit it did feel a little strange applying a cream this thick to my face and it did leave a slight greasy residue, but the results are so worth it! I also applied it to the horrible dry skin I had on my legs from the sunburn I got in Mexico and it worked wonders! It is now a firm favourite of mine and I've also heard the likes of Victoria Beckham, Adele, Alexa Chung and Rihanna love it too! If you suffer from dry skin, this will be your savior! I'm not using it too much right now, but I think this will be perfect to use as an overnight hydrating mask when the months start to get a little colder again or as a rich hand cream!

Have you tried this? What were your thoughts? 

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