Wednesday, July 16, 2014

25 Facts About Me TAG

I don't know about you, but I love getting to know all about the blogger behind the blog. I realise I haven't actually said much on here about me personally, so I was thinking of doing a fact post, but I struggled to think of even five! So, I had a quick look on Google and found this '25 Facts TAG' I don't know how well this will go down, but fingers crossed you enjoy reading it :)

What is your middle name?: Louise.
What was favourite subject at school?: Probably English.
What is your favourite drink?: Ooh, Volvic in the Lemon & Lime flavor!
What is your favourite song at the moment?: I can’t stop listening to All I Want - Kodaline
What is your favourite food?: Pasta! 
What is the last thing you bought?: The past month I've gone through one of those stages where I feel like I hate all the clothes I own, so I took to eBay and I've been selling SO many things and I've made just under £300 so far, which is amazing! Online shopping is my downfall though and I've now bought a fair few things, so I'll do a haul once it's all here!
Favourite book of all time?: If you know me personally, you'll know how OBSESSED I am with Harry Potter. I love the Books and the Movies. The Books are something I've read loads of times already, but always seem to go back to and read again and again, I never get bored!
Favourite Colours?: Pink & Mint 
Do you have any pets?: Two Rabbits called Luna and Neville and Four Cats; Oliver/Oli, Isabelle/Izzy, Fred and George!
Favourite Perfume?: Dot by Marc Jacobs!
Favourite Holiday?: Probably when I went on holiday with my Nan and Grandad to Aldeburgh when I was around 11. It was such a simple holiday, but I loved it SO much. It's one of those holidays that has the most amazing memories!
Are you married?: No.
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, but only twice!
Do you speak any other language?: Not really no, but I wish I could! 
How many siblings do you have?: Two half brothers.
What is your favourite shop?: My favourite shop to actually go into will have to be Lush. It smells beyond amazing, I love looking at all the different products and I always find the staff are really lovely people! 

Favourite restaurant?: I don't really have one at the moment, I used to be obsessed with The Harvester, but not so much anymore..
When was the last time you cried?: As my Grandad passed away recently, crying is a regular occurrence at the moment :(
Favourite Blog?: I couldn't choose one! The blogs I've been really enjoying reading recently are: Beauty Babbles, Melaniee, Loulabeth, Rosie Pops, Literature and Lipstick, ShivonMakeupBiz and Lipgloss and Lashes. There are probably lots more, but these are the ones I could think of on the top of my head!
Favourite Movie?: I can never choose one, so get ready for a list! HARRY POTTER OBVS, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Tangled, Frozen, The Beach and P.S I Love You.
Favourite TV show?: Again, I can't choose one :( I'm rubbish at choosing haha. I love Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Gossip Girl and more recently I binged watch Pretty Little Liars and I was actually surprised how much I loved it. I'm now watching Season 5, but I can only watch one episode a week, which is torture! 
PC or Mac?: PC
What phone do you have?: Gold iPhone 5S
How tall are you?: Around 5ft 5?
Can you cook?: I'm no Nigella Lawson believe me, but I do enjoy cooking! 

I won't tag anyone to do this, but if you fancy doing it be sure to leave me a comment as I'd love to read your answers :) 
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  1. I love this post. I just participated too. I saw it on i love to learn more about the blogs I read.


  2. So nice to get to know you a little! I am a pasta loving, Harry Potter reader myself. And Pretty Little Liars is a guilty pleasure of mine :)