Monday, July 28, 2014

The Cats

Belle Chaton Izzy
Belle Chaton Oli
Belle Chaton Fred
Belle Chaton George

Hello lovelies! As I've mentioned before, I have four cats and I recently realised I haven't actually ever introduced them properly on my blog and as I have a cat themed review coming up soon, I thought now was the best time to do this... 

Isabella / Izzy & Oliver / Oli:
Izzy (the tabby) and Oli (black and white) are brother and sister and are now four years old. Izzy is the only girl and this does sometimes make her feel outnumbered and really unconfident. She's really playful, but also loves a good cuddle. She has the loudest meow and if she wants something (food, attention, to go out) she will defiently let you know haha! She can actually jump up at door handles and open the doors much to our annoyance! Oli is a lot more quiter and laid back compared to his sister, he usually sleeps throughout the day and likes to play with very noisy toys on the stairs at 2am. He's very very shy, so if visitors ever come over, he'll be hiding under my bed until they leave. He's a big softie at heart though and loves a cuddle, especially if you're wearing a onesie!

Fred & George: 
The ginger twins. These boys came in to my life back in 2011 and my blog was kind of named after them. They were six weeks old when we brought them home and you can imagine how tiny they were! I was trying to think of a blog name at the time and I settled with 'Belle Chaton' I was going to have 'Belle Chatons' as there are two of them, but it just didn't sound as good! If you haven't guessed already Fred and George are named after the Weasley twins from Harry Potter and they're now three years old. Fred is the smallest cat and can still get away of being called a kitten because he's so tiny, but he seems to think he's the leader of the pack. He's been aware of cameras since he was a baby and he now always has to be in the limelight, as soon as that camera switches on he will be over there trying to get involved, I always say he'd make the perfect Youtube cat! Example:

Belle Chaton Fred

He's probably the nicest one to people, he's always up for a cuddle or a stroke. He's literally SO obsessed with treats though and knows which drawer they're kept in and will cry until he get's what he wants! George is extremely playful and is a lot bigger than Fred, because he looves his food! When he's not eating he's crying at you for more food! George is very independent and doesn't always like to be stroked, everything has to be on his terms and he'll claw you if you don't stick to his rules! He's often seen carrying toys around in his mouth, sleeping in awkward places such as next to the toilet and getting up to mischief with his brother Fred! 

Thank you for reading about my kitties. If you have a cat, I'd love you to tell me about them in the comments! 

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