Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little trip to Essex

walking in chelmsford / another storm / garden centre cats / garden centre arches / the bake house / dfs / driving home from clacton  

Hello lovelies! As some of you may already know my boyfriend is originally from Essex, so we do spend as much time as we can up there. As we hadn't been down since around June we thought we'd go and spend a few days in Chelmsford to catch up with his family! We were hoping for some lovely weather, but the weather has been SO weird, hasn't it? One minute it will be really lovely and sunny and then there's a massive storm! On Sunday, whilst there was a bit of sun we thought we'd go on a walk as the scenery in Chelmsford is so pretty and it was lovely until yet another storm started! On Monday, we went to a few different garden centres.. We're just about to attempt to make a little memorial garden section in our garden in memory of my Grandad, so we did want to get some plants. We ended up getting two Climbing Roses, a Hydrangea and a Dahlia, soo pretty and if it all goes to plan and ends up looking okay, I'll probably share a couple of pictures! Also in the Garden Centre there was THREE CATS, I was in love! After that we had lunch in a lovely little place called 'The Bake House' which is Writtle.. If you're ever in the area I would definitely recommend it! We then went to visit Charlie's Nan and Grandad which was lovely!

On Tuesday, we headed over to Colchester to visit Colchester Zoo. I love going to Zoos and haven't been in ages and I haven't actually been to the Zoo in Colchester before, but Charlie always used to go as a child (or Colchaster Zoo as he used to call it haha) It's really lovely, but I do think we went on one of the worst days as it was SO SO busy. You could barely even take pictures, so I'd definitely like to go back soon when it's a little less busy! Even though I'm 20 in five months I still felt the need to buy a cuddly toy in the gift shop on the way out and we also bought some rocky road fudge OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD! We then drove all the way up to Clacton to visit Charlie's other Nan and Grandad and then we went home and sleepily ate a takeaway Harvester, soo good :) 

What have you been up to recently?
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  1. I'd love to go to Essex looks so pretty! The zoo looked fun to! :) x

  2. Very pretty. I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog. Please go check it out the question will be in the post.

    Awkwardgirlx Blog