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Clothing Haul | Miss Selfridge, ASOS, Topshop, New Look, Office and River Island

Waaaay before I found the beauty world and the obsessive beauty product buying started, my obsession was clothes. Any bit of money I got would usually be spent on new clothes and the amount I owned just grew and grew and I think it became a bit of an obsession to be honest. Last year I stopped all this unnecessary buying because we were saving up for a holiday, but this year I've changed SO much as a person and realised all the clothes and things I horded for ages are just materialistic items and it's completely fine to get rid of them or sell them. So sell them I did, and I've made around £300-£400 (I also sold my old iPhone, Xbox and Nintendo DS) I still have so many clothes to sell and it will probably be a while until I look into my wardrobe and I'm happy with every item I own, but It had got to the point where I only had a few outfits I actually liked, so I thought it was time I finally had a good shop and restocked it a little!

Miss Selfridge 'Botanical Print Shirt' £30.00
If you read my recent 'Life' post you'll be aware that I suffer from an illness and due to the fact that has left me a lot less active than I used to be a few years ago. I used to be around a size 6-8 and I'm now more of a 10-12. I feel so much more self conscious now, so I thought I'd buy a some shirts for days when I feel super self conscious as I find them great for Summer and when it starts to get colder. The first one I picked up is from Miss Selfridge and it has a really gorgeous Botanical print all over and I love it! It's pretty light weight and sheer, so you would have to wear something under it.

Miss Selfridge 'Blue Floral Pinny Playsuit' £35.00
When I am feeling a little more confident, playsuits are my favourite thing to wear in the summer as they're SO easy to just throw on and then you can go out quickly. I fell in love with this playsuit as soon as I saw it and I looove the print and I've worn it so much already! If you would like to see this on, click here!

ASOS PETITE 'Heart Print Smock Dress' £35.00 £26.00
As soon as I saw this post, I knew I needed this dress! I've wanted a smock dress for ages and I really wanted the 'Fawn Smock Dress' from ASOS a few months back, but it was just before I went on holiday and I really didn't have too much spare money. As it's oversized I was a little worried it would make me look even bigger, but It super flattering and I love that this dress looks fine with black tights or bare legs! 

ASOS 'Sweatshirt with Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Print' £30.00
Obviously this isn't something I can wear every day, but oh my god as soon as I saw this on the ASOS website I fell in love and my excuse is that I will be going to Disney World next year which I'm already SOOOO excited for and it would be totally acceptable to wear this in Disney!

Topshop 'MOTO Sky Acid Joni Jeans' £36.00
If like me, you struggle to find jeans that look flattering on and feel super comfortable, you need to go and try a pair of Join Jeans on! They are simply amazing, they suck you in, in all the right places and they are literally so so comfortable, unlike most jeans I've worn in the past. I bought a pair around last year I think and I've finally got another pair. They do all different colours too which is great!

Topshop 'Striped Daisy Organza Tee' £24.00 
If you know me, you'll be totally aware of my obsession with daisies, so as soon as I saw this T-shirt I fell in love! There are a few different variations of this top, but they all seem to be selling out really fast so be quick if you want one!

Topshop 'Corded Lace Shorts' £38.00
I used to live in shorts in the summer months, but I'm a lot more self-conscious to wear them now and I find that most of them are so tiny, which I hate! As soon as I saw these lace shorts I fell in love and thought I'd give them a go and see how tiny they are and they're completely fine and cover everything and they look amazing when you have a little bit of a tan! One thing I will say though is that I would probably recommend going up a size as these don't have much stretch! 

New Look 'Black Floral Print Crochet Hem Kimono' £24.99
I think it's safe to say so many people have gone Kimono crazy, myself included! I bought one a while back from Missguided and I loved wearing it on holiday and after seeing this post I completely fell in love with this one too and felt like I needed it! It's such a gorgeous print and I love the fact it has a little bit of crochet on too!

Office 'Kim Nude Patent Leather' £55.00 
These were also featured in the same post and of course, I needed the shoes too didn't I?! Most females own lots of shoes and I actually don't. The only flat shoes I currently own are some flats from Topshop, jelly shoes, various sandals, Converse and Vans. I know these aren't to everyone's taste and they definitely look like something my Nan might wear, but I love them!

River Island | Cream Dog Print Shirt | £38.00
Back to the obsession with buying shirts! I've seen so many people wearing the Polka Dot shirts from River Island recently and I really love them. They come in three different colours I think (blue, pink and yellow) and whilst I was having a look at the River Island sale I saw the pink and yellow ones for only £20 each, so I had to get them! I think they're gone from the website now, but they may still be in store or you can buy the pink one via ASOS. I also bought a cream shirt with a dog print on and I recently bought the cat version of this shirt too and I looove it. Even though I am definitely a cat person, I thought I'd pick this one up too!

River Island | Daisy Necklaces and Earrings
As I've mentioned before, I am really loving daisies and daisy themed items at the moment and when I saw the daisy themed jewellery on River Island I instantly fell in love and maybe went a little crazy? I don't know! But I picked up two necklaces and the earrings, I was debating getting the bracelet, but I don't wear bracelets too much because the feeling of something on my wrist annoys me a lot haha!

Thank you so much for reading! This was the first proper clothing haul that I've featured on my blog, so I hope you enjoyed, there are a couple more clothing bits to show you in future posts, so keep an eye out for that! 

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