Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July Cat Hampuur

Cat Hampuur ReviewCat Hampuur Review

Hello lovelies! After hearing so much about the Cat Hampuur boxes via various different bloggers, I thought I'd finally buy one for my cats! Cat Hampuur is basically like your average monthly subscription box just like Glossybox and Birchbox, but this is even better because it's just for cats! As soon as they box arrived my cats were all excited as they could hear the noise of a bell and biscuits moving around in the box! 
Inside the box:

Fish 4 Cats | Sardine Dry Food | 400g | £3.35
My cats are pretty fussy eaters and even more fussy when it comes to dry food, so I wasn't sure how well these would go down, but as soon as Fred saw (smelt) these in the box he decided he wanted to sample it right away, so he bit a hole in the packet and munched away and he was very impressed! All the cats love these and I'm so surprised how cheap they are to buy, so I'm definitely thinking of repurchasing these. I also love that they help with hairballs as Fred and Izzy both suffer from this!

Vet's Kitchen | Little Hearts Triple Treats |60g | 60p
All my cats love treats, but Fred is actually addicted. It's surprising he's still thin to be honest. We keep all the treats in a drawer and I've come home from days out and he's literally opened the drawer, got the treats out and eaten them all. I try to limit his intake because it's not healthy how much he asks for. I think the ingredients in these ones are so much better than normal treats though, which I really like!

Hem and Boo | Mouse Teaser Toy with Catnip
My cats have sooo many toys and they'd still rather play with straws and shoelace, but their favourite toy is the mouse filled with cat nip from Pets at Home, so I was thinking they would love this too as it's similar, they played with it and they will play with it if you entice them, but it's not something they're too fussed by.

Seahorse Atlantic | Kelp Cat Care | 40g | £5.94
I was probably most excited for this as the benefits of it are amazing (Promotes hair growth, Aids digestion, Contains Omega 3, Boosts Immune system, Supports healthy joins and limbs and it promotes healthy skin) The cats on the other hand are not feeling it at all, we put in with their food the recommended amount and that night they all left their food, so we tried to just put a tiny amount it and they did eat their food, but it still wasn't enjoyed, but I might try and persist!

Arden Grange | Cat Adult Fresh Chicken & Potato Dry Food | 50g
And lastly is some more dry food. I gave my cats a tiny amount of this a realised that they really enjoyed it, but stupidly I left the Cat Hampuur in my room whilst I was out and when I got home this was on the floor all eaten.... Oops :( 

As always, thank you for reading! Is this something you would try for your cats?
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  1. The picture of your cat biting the toy string is amazing! I might actually treat my boyfriends cats to one of these soon x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Thank you! I just received the August box and that was really good too :) xx

  2. Awww how cute, a box for kitties! x