Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Review
Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist |  £6.77
I've been wanting to visit a Victoria's Secret store for the longest time. I'm aware there are a few in the UK now, but they're not local to me, so I still hadn't been. Whilst I was in Mexico, I went to an amazing little shopping village in Cancun called La Isla. There were lots of amazing shops such as MAC, Zara, Marc Jacobs ect and I was so happy to find that they also had a Victoria's Secret! The store was a pretty small one and sold the beauty products mostly and a few accessories such as the phone cases! I was really drawn to the Body Mists as I've heard so many amazing things about them, but I was unsure of which scents to get, so I spent ages smelling all the different ones. I ended up purchasing four different scents which I showed you in my Mexico Haul

The scent I've been reaching for the most is 'Coconut Passion' which is described as "A seductive, warm fragrance. Seduce with Coconut Passion, a rendezvous of rich vanilla and warm coconut. Experience the luxury of fragrance. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile"

It's such a lovely light, sweet, summery scent! You can mostly smell the vanilla, but you can tell that there is a slight bit of coconut in there too and although it's only a body mist, I find that it is still pretty strong and lasts for a while! I also have this scent in the body lotion form and I'm so obsessed with that too and when using both in conjunction of each other, you smell SO good! I also love that it leaves the skin feeling so soft as it contains aloe vera.

Have you tried any of the VS body mists? What is your favourite scent?

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  1. I am obsessed with the VS body mists, every time I go I have to get about 3! My favourite is love spell!