Sunday, September 28, 2014

Collective Homeware Haul

Homeware Haul 2014 Dunelm Mill

Hello lovelies! Today I have my first ever homeware haul for you! As you'll probably know from my last two wishlist posts I am completely obsessed with all cute homeware items and during the past few months I've been buying a fair few bits. As I've mentioned before, we're currently re-decorating our living room, so I've been searching for various different pieces and other things kept catching my eye, so I now have lots of things to show you!

First up is this white wooden calendar! I really love these type of calendars, I've wanted one for such a long time now and whilst I was having a little browse on eBay, I saw this one and fell in love right away!

I'm obsessed with white vintage looking clocks on the mantel piece and I saw so many lovely ones on eBay that look so much more expensive than this one, but as I didn't want to pay too much, I just picked this one up from the Range and it was only £3.99!

Next up is this really cute Jug with a lovely simple heart detailing on the front. I really love making pots of tea and having a tiny little jug is perfect for the milk and as it was only £1.99 I couldn't say no! I also picked up some Salt and Pepper Shakers with the same heart print on the front and they were £2.99!

I think I mentioned in my recent wishlist post that I am obsessed with Dunelm Mill and at the moment, they have the most gorgeous collection in called 'Candy Rose'. I literally want EVERYTHING, so I did get a fair few things, but there are so many things I would still like to get! The first thing I picked up is the 'Floral Sandwich Tray' I feel like I always buy so many of these and they always seem to vanish... WHERE DO THEY GO? I love the print of this and it was only £1.99. Next is the super adorable 'Floral Round Plate', all the Candy Rose plates are so so pretty and I would definitely get them all, but I just limited myself to one! I also picked up a Teapot and a Teacup.. My teapot was really old and I think my mum threw it away without even asking if I still wanted it. This one is so so pretty and was only £8.99! I also picked up some coasters for the living room we're currently redecorating (it feels like it's taking FOREVER) and the beautiful floral jug that I featured in a recent wishlist!

Next up is another jug, but I'm going to use it as a vase and it currently has these pink artificial peonies in that were only £3.87 from eBay!

As I mentioned in my recent wishlist, I've been really wanting to purchase a cake stand. I've had two before, the first one I had, I bought in a cute little shop in Brighton. It was pink with really cute heart detailing all the way round and I used it to store my Lush products on it, but after a while the products started staining the cake stand which was annoying! The second one I got was from The Range. It's a cream wire cake stand with roses on the edges and I still love it, but I use it to store all my Yankee Candles. I really wanted a floral china cake stand to actually use for cake this time haha! I couldn't justify spending £50 on a Royal Albert one, but I found this really lovely one from eBay and it was only £20! I think I'm now all set to have afternoon tea, bloggers tea party anyone? 

I kept seeing these on Instagram and completely fell in love, so I went on a mission to find where they were from and found them on eBay for £8.99. When it arrived you could see a B&M label had been ripped off, so you can imagine how much cheaper they would be in there. So if you do want one maybe have a look in there first!

I am completely obsessed with wicker hearts and I think we're going to end up having one in every room, oops! I bought this one from eBay for £3.50 and I think it will probably go in the living room!

Until recently I'd never shopped at and since then we have bought quite a few things. Most of the items are pretty big furniture items, so aren't featured in this haul, but one of the items was this Camper Van Cushion! My Grandad used to own a blue Camper Van and every year I always bought him something Camper Van related for Christmas. When I saw this, it made me think of him right away and although he's not here, I thought I'd buy it in memory of him!

We also ended up buying a few new bits for the bathroom. I completely fell in love with the 'Vintage Heart Collection' from Dunelm Mill and we got a few things from the collection, but I thought I'd just show you the toilet roll holder, because they're all pretty awkward to take a picture of! I also picked up this cute little heart sign and this little tumbler!

The kitchen section of this haul is very pink I've noticed! The kitchen isn't just pink, it's pastel..I promise! First I went and finally picked up the beautiful Mason & Cash mixing bowl from Dunelm Mill... It's SO big, I literally cannot believe how much bigger it is in comparison to my old mixing bowl haha! Also from Dunelm Mill I picked up a mixer, I've wanted something like this for a while because I think it will make baking alot quicker and alot more enjoyable.. They also had the KitchenAid style mixers, but as this one was cheaper I got this! We've also been in need of buying a few new pans and I saw some pastel ones on Amazon.. It was a choice between pink and mint and I went with pink in the end!

And lastly is yet another thing from Dunelm Mill! I am obsessed, I'll admit! I've been need of a laundry basket for a while because my room is starting to resemble a floordrobe. All the laundry baskets I've had before have been broken within days thanks to my cats, but this does feel a lot more sturdy and it was only £20. They also have other cute baskets, which come in different sizes and I've seen a few girls use these to store some of their makeup, so I think I might have to get one of those too! I love the white and the floral pattern together, it's soo pretty. (The birdcage candle holder isn't new, but it's from The Range, if anyone was wondering)

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first homeware haul! Are you obsessed with cute homeware items too?

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  1. I want everything you have bought! I've been homeware hauling a lot recently too after moving into a new flat a few months ago. I really wish there was a Dunelm Mill near me! *sob* xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

    1. Thank you! I'll have to check out your hauls, I'm obsessed! Aw :( mine is two buses away, so I order online usually! xx

  2. You got some absolute bargains! I love this post. Homeware is so good, I literally love reading these type of posts. I'm so jealous of your pans!!! The only time I have been to Dunelm is for things like a duvet so after this post I think I'll be heading there to check out some of the pieces they have!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog x

    1. Thank you lovely :) Ooh, yes. Definitely do, Dunelm Mill is amazing! xx

  3. I literally love every single thing you bought, such adorable pieces! xx

  4. You got some really pretty items, and bargains too! :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Gorgeous Post, I too am obsessed with all home type things, those pans have caught my eye for sure. I hope you're well lovely xoxo

    1. Thank you Amy :) I'm good, hope you're okay! xx

  6. These are all so lovely, you always find the cutest things!

  7. This looks amazing. I really like that the colors are so calm and not very diferent. Great purchase.


  8. We have such similar tastes lovely! :) You picked up some beauties! I really need to get myself to Dunelm! xx

  9. Such pretty stuff!

    Kate xo //

  10. the cake stand and teapot are beaut! ahhhh now I want to go and buy cute things dammit! x