Monday, October 13, 2014

Advent Calendars 2014

Hello Lovelies! If you follow me over on Pinterest, you'll be completely aware just how much I love Christmas. I'm in full on Christmas excitement by the end of August, which may annoy some people... "It's TOO early" but I really do not care ;) The build up to Christmas is definitely my favourite and obviously, what better way to mark the count down than a Advent Calendar? Every year I'm obsessed with seeing all the amazing Advent Calendars and this year I feel like they are better than ever, so I thought I'd show you my favourites!

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

24 Days of Joy - The Body Shop | £50.00 
I think this one intrigues me the most! It contains some of the best selling Body Shop products and some new ones from the latest ranges: Glazed Apple, Wild Argan Oil and Colour Crush Nail Polishes. This one is extra special as the Body Shop will make a donation to the War Child charity with every calendar bought!

Candy Coated Countdown - Benefit | £60.00 
Benefit isn't my favourite brand at all and I rarely purchase any of their products, but I can't deny how beautiful their products always are and this Advent Calendar doesn't disappoint! This one is great if you'd like to try mini's of their best selling products! Available from 16th October.

Enchanted Spells - Selfridges | £85.00 
Selfridges calendars are always amazing and I know last years one sold out pretty quickly. This contains a selection of fragrances, makeup and skincare from brands such as Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl's, Victor & Rolf and more, you can tell this one is going to be pretty special!

Christmas Past Advent House - Yankee Candle | £25.00
If you saw my last post, you'll know how obsessed I am with Yankee Candles and this calendar is my idea of heaven. Behind 23 doors is a festive scented tea light and on the 24th you'll receive a Christmas Eve Votive which is one of my favourite scents, I really want it in a big jar! 

25 Days Of Beauty Secrets - No7 | £35.00 
25 days of makeup and skincare treats! This one seems pretty amazing and I think it's still pretty affordable. It's worth £130 and is filled with products to get you through the festive period! Available from October 29th.

Mini Mani Manor - Ciate | £49.00
I'm not overly obsessed with nail polish, but every year I always want the Ciate calendar because it looks so amazing! This includes 17 of Ciate's most popular shades including: Mistress, Amazing Gracie and Cupcake Queen. It also has five textured polishes, one full size Paint Pot and a set of festive nail transfers. Perfect! 

Thank you so much for reading! Whilst I was browsing the web for all these different Advent Calendars I was actually really surprised how much selection there is now! You can even get a Tea Advent Calender, so cool!

Will you be purchasing a Advent Calendar? I've purchased the Yankee Candle one! 
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  1. I have ordered the Benefit calendar and I think when I get paid I'll get the yankee one, its gorge!!

  2. The Selfridges advent calender is probably the one that I'd go for if I went for any but if I'm honest I think they're all out of my price range! Looks like it's chocolate again for me this year haha.

    They are all so sweet and would love to one day treat myself to one in the run up to Christmas!

    Shannon at

    1. Ah I know, I hate how expensive they are :( xx

  3. Oh I love the idea of a yankee calendar! Such a cute idea!


  4. Every year I always decide I want to get one of them when it's too late and they have all been sold out. I think this is the year I need to actually buy one. I would love to get the Ciate one, but it's quite pricey for me. But I'm definitely considering the No7 one :)

    1. Me too! The No7 one seems reasonably priced xx

  5. I'm glad its not just me who is in christmas mode by the end of august! Love it!x

  6. I'm getting really christmas obsessed to: I kind of want to rush Halloween and bonfire night away so I can start properly on Christmas... I've got the yankee candle advent calender I'm pleased to say and can't wait to open it: love all the advent calendars you have featured