Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Autumn Beauty Haul

First up is my A/W nail polish splurge. Painting my nails isn't something I really enjoy to be honest, but I always have to have my nails painted or I feel naked! Recently, I noticed I only had one autumnal nail polish, so I decided to pick up a few more shades and I also wanted to repurchase a couple of my favourite Christmas/Winter polishes.

If you saw my recent post of my gelly nail polish collection, you'll know how obsessed I am and when I saw their new autumn shades I completely fell in love and had to pick a few up! I got three shades - Mustard, Chilli and Cardamom and I also picked up a red shade called 'Blood Orange' it isn't apart of the new collection, but I needed a new red nail polish, so I went for this!

Next I picked up Ruby Slippers which is a gorgeous red glitter and Diamond Glitter which has different sizes of holographic glitter in, so pretty! I love both of these so much and they're actually both repurchases. These two polishes are literally essentials for the festive period! 

And the last nail polishes I picked up were Silver Foil which is another repurchase and it's a  really lovely smooth silver metallic shade and Navy I haven't tried this before, but I really wanted a dark blue shade in my collection!

I've already done a post on the things I picked up from Zoella Beauty, so I won't bore you too much, but I thought I'd add them in the haul anyway! I thought I'd also give you a little update on what I think of the products now I've had a chance to try them properly. The 'Blissful Mistful' is lovely and I'm still really loving it. It's definitely not a mature scent, but it's nice as a body spray or as a room spray! The 'Soak Opera Bath Soak / Shower Creme' isn't my favourite product. It's okay, but it's nothing special. It kind of reminds me of those cheap Disney Princess shower gels you can buy, but it's a lot more expensive. I think I'll stick to using this as a bubble bath, just to use it up and I probably won't buy it again. And finally the 'Let's Glow Candle' I like this, but again, it's nothing special. Personally, I think the candle is tiny for the price and I think I'd rather just buy some Yankee Tarts than buy this again.

And lastly I picked up some skincare products. Since the weather changed my skin has been going crazy, so I thought I'd throw a few new products into the mix, I'll let you know what I think of them once I've had a chance to test them out properly.

Thank you for reading! Have you been buying an beauty products recently? 


  1. Love the nail polishes! I like the Zoella collection but think it could do with being abit more affordable for what it is x

  2. Love all the colours of nail polish, that mustard one is gorgeous!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. You've got so many lovely nail polishes! I need to buy some more after reading this!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Haha let me know which ones you get if you do! :)xx

  4. I need all your nail varnishes!

  5. Wow you have so much! I love the Barry M Gelly nail polish it gives such a good finish, your colours are so Autumnal too. I want to get my hands on some Zoella products too! Abi :)

  6. So much nail polish envy! I love the Superdrug Vitamin E range :)

    Sam |

  7. Love all these nail polishes, think I may need to invest in a new more. Loving your blog x x x