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Book Review | Dark Places

Dark Places Gillian Flynn Book Review
Dark Places | Gillian Flynn | Link

Hello lovelies! After reading and really enjoying 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn, I thought I'd read another one of her books and I decided to go with Dark Places.

When Libby Day was seven, her mother and two sisters were murdered. Luckily, Libby escaped their farmhouse and hid in the freezing cold January snow. She survived, but lost some of her fingers and toes and then went on to testify against her fifteen year old brother Ben, claiming that he was the killer. Twenty five years later, Ben is still in prison and Libby is pretty depressed. She doesn't go out much and has lived off her trust fund money of which she got from donations of well wishers over the years. The money has nearly gone and she really doesn't want to get a job, so she is forced to make some money by attending a 'Kill Club' meeting as a special guest. All the members at the said club think Ben is completely innocent and that Libby lied. At first she thinks they are all pretty crazy, but she does then start to wonder "what did really happen that night all those years ago?"

The story alternates between present day and 1985 and it's told through three different perspectives, Patty Day - who is mother to Ben, Libby, Debby and Michelle.  Ben - His perspective was my least favourite if I'm honest because as the book goes on his thoughts get darker and darker and it doesn't make enjoyable reading! and Libby - She is probably my favourite!

I still don't really know how I feel about this book to be honest. It was gripping and the mystery side of it was amazing and it was something you would find yourself trying to read every minute you had free, because you needed to find out WHAT HAPPENED! but there are parts of it that were just not my favourite thing to read about. I definitely don't think this book is for the faint hearted, it's not called 'Dark Places' for nothing.

“Coffee goes great with sudden death.”

I can feel a better version of me somewhere in there - hidden behind a liver or attached to a bit of spleen within my stunted, childish body - a Libby that's telling me to get up, do something, grow up, move on. But the meanness usually wins out. 

“Don't be discouraged - every relationship you have is a failure, until you find the right one.” 

"She'd driven to Salina a month ago in a positive, bright mood to pick up some prettifying items: cream rinse, face lotion, lipsick. She had folded a $20 bill in her front pocket just for the trip. A splurge. But the sheer amount of option in face cream alone - hydrating, wrinkle- fighting, sun- thwarting- had overwhelmed her. You could buy one moisturizer, but then you had to get a matching cleanser, too, and something called toner, and before you were even ready for the night cream, you'd have blown fifty bucks."

“It was surprising that you could spend hours in the middle of the night pretending things were okay, and know in thirty seconds of daylight that simply wasn't so”

I am super intrigued into Gillian Flynn's other book 'Sharp Objects' and I definitely want to read it, but I think I'm going to have a little break from these really dark mystery books and read something a little more light hearted haha! Thank you for reading, I'd love to know what you've been reading recently :) 

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  1. I loved this book so much, almost as much as Gone Girl!
    You have to read Sharp Objects, it's great!

    1. You were the person who inspired me to read it actually haha! xx

  2. I read this book and have to admit that I didn't like it as much as Gone Girl as it was quite gruesome at points (not sure if that is exactly the right word to describe it though!). Sharp Objects is definitely a great read though! x

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  3. I really loved Gone Girl so I might have to try reading this, it sounds really intriguing!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

    1. Let me know what you think, if you do read it <3 xx