Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY | Glitter Pumpkins

Wilko PVA Glue
Glitter Pumpkins
Glitter Pumpkins

Last Wednesday, I ventured to my local farm and visited their little pumpkin patch and picked up a few pumpkins. Instead of carving them all, I thought I'd make some all glittery and so that's what I did yesterday!

These are SO easy to make all you need is: 
Glue -
(We used PVA just because it was cheap and it's sold pretty much everywhere. I probably wouldn't recommend this as it is really runny, but it's fine if you want something cheap and easy to get hold of)
Glue Spreader 
(Annoyingly, I didn't have one and we had to apply the glue with a spoon and our hands,not the best haha) 
(I got mine from a seller on eBay and I 100% recommend them. The glitter arrived super quick and they also have an amazing shade range.. They even have pastel glitter!)

All you have to do is apply the glue to the pumpkin and make the shape of how you'd like the glitter to look and then just throw the glitter on (my favourite part) and then all that is left to do is shake all the remaining glitter off and leave to dry! I don't feel like mine are the best, but they're okay for a first attempt haha.

I love how creative people are now with pumpkins and I've completely fallen in love with all the ones I've seen on Pinterest. I definitely think I will paint a few next year! I think these are a lovely alternative if you're one of those people who hate carving pumpkins and I have a feeling these will last alot longer too! The rest of our pumpkins, we're planning on carving, so once we have I'll show you those too :) I looove this time of year haha!

Are you buying a pumpkin this year?


  1. That is such a good and creative idea ! My parents always buy a patch pumpkins, I'll definitely take one and try this :)


  2. what a great idea! These look fantastic and it seems so simple too! I'm sure I'd manage to make a huge less though!!



  3. This looks so awesome. I completely forgot to carve a pumpkin this year, I'm so upset about it :(