Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Favourites

November Beauty Favourites 2014

Hello Lovelies! I've been loving so many products this month, so I definitely had to do a monthly favourites! 

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick | £15.50 
First up is this lipstick from MAC in the shade "Relentlessly Red", which is such a weird name because it's not red at all haha! I'm mostly wearing very dark shades at the moment, but as I hadn't worn this for ages I randomly wore it recently and fell in love! This lipstick is a very bright pink shade and what I love about it, is it looks amazing with so many different skintones. I thought this may look awful with my pale skin, but it doesn't at all!

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer | £15.50 
I received this for my birthday and I was so excited to try it because my holy grail concealer is from MAC, but I'll be honest I hated this and I didn't understand how other people loved it. Recently I was watching one of Tanya Burr's recent tutorials and she used this, so I thought I'd give it another go and actually started to really like it! During the colder months, I feel like my skin always looks so much more dull and this is perfect for brightening the skin!

MAC 217 Blending Brush | £19.00 |
This is one of my favourite brushes ever and everyone NEEDS it in their lives. I love it that much that I will definitely write a full review of this, so I won't say too much, but if you're just starting out with eyeshadow and you're just getting to grips with blending, you need this! It makes blending easy and just like a dream! I now have two 217's and I can definitely see myself purchasing more!

MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow | £10.00
My current favourite eyeshadow is Amber Lights! This had been sitting in my MAC palette untouched, pretty much since I got it for my birthday and then I saw it swatched over on thebeautybomb's blog and I was OH MY GOD that is so beautiful and just like that I became obsessed. You could probably wear this all year round, but I think it's the most perfect shade for autumn/winter! MAC describe this as a "Peachy-brown with shimmer" Click here to see me wearing this!

Collection Extreme 24HR Felt Tip Liner | £2.99 
I am the worst when it comes to eyeliner, so recently I haven't been wearing it at all. I picked this up a couple of months ago when I heard it was really easy to work with and it is! It's super black, unlike some other cheaper liquid liners and it's easy to create a thick or thin line. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush | £21.00 
Annoyingly I think this is only available if you buy the whole brush collection, but it's worth it! This is called the Contour Brush, but I think it's a great brush for all different things. I use it for contouring, highlight, blush and it's perfect for powdering under the eyes. I have two of these brushes, but I definitely would love more, to save me constantly needing a clean one.

Barry M 292 Navy | £2.99 |  & Essie Jazzy Jubiliant| £7.99
My favourite two nail polishes this month, have been this really lovely navy shade from Barry M and this Essie glitter top coat. They are such a beautiful combination together, but I do hate how quickly the Barry M nail paints chip!

Zoella Blissful Mistful | £8.00 |
I've mentioned how much I love this before so I won't go into too much detail. But I'm still really loving it! It's such a lovely scent and as it's reasonably priced I don't feel bad using it often!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush | £7.99
This is such a perfect product. It has great, buildable pigmentation and it feels lovely on the lips, which is nice when my lips need a rest from all those matte lipsticks! 

Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara | £9.99 |
This had been on my wishlist for a while and I finally got my hands on it recently and it definitely lives up to the hype, my lashes look amazing! My boyfriend even thought I was wearing false lashes one day recently haha.

What have you been loving recently?


  1. I've definitely had my eye on a few of these recently, but am yet to purchase them, however after reading this post I will be adding the MAC 217 brush to my collection and getting the Zoella Blissful Mistful scent! I also love the nail here, so may treat myself to those colours haha! Lovely photos on this post too :) xx

  2. I've been loving the Revlon balm stain as well and I definitely agree with what you said about the MAC 217, it's brilliant, although I think I found even a better brush than that; the Zoeva Luxe soft crease :)

    1. I'm hopefully going to be getting some Zoeva brushes for Christmas, can;t wait to try them! xx

  3. I really want to try out zoellas scent. Those nails look amazing!
    Great post x

  4. I really want the Revlon lip crayon! I want anything that sort of colour at the moment haha. xo