Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray Review
Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray Review
Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray Review
Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Spray | 60ml | £7.50

Hello Lovelies! I hope you're all having a lovely week :) I feel like I haven't actually posted many reviews recently, so today I thought I'd review one of my favourite hair care products! I received this product back in September in the 'Glamour Beauty Power List Box' and I was pretty happy because I've been wanting to try a Phillip Kingsley product ever since I heard all the hype over the Elasticizer! 

"Already heralded as an ‘everyday Elasticizer’, this leave-in protective conditioning spray adds elasticity and provides defence from daily heat styling, breakage and environmental effects.
Daily Damage Defence detangles, adding shine and manageability for all hair types. Use in addition to regular Elasticizer treatments for optimum results. For use on wet hair after washing to de-tangle or can be scrunched into dry hair to remove frizz."

My hair is pretty long, so I try and keep it as healthy as possible. When I first started growing my hair, I felt like it needed tons of products to stay healthy and shiny, but then I actually realised it felt a lot less weighed down and it overall looked better, the less products I used. I am pretty wary of the products I use now, but I have completely fallen in love with the Daily Damage Defence Spray. It protects hair from heat, breakages and environmental damage. The thing I love the most about it, is that it detangles hair! During this time of the year, my hair always seems to become tangled so much easier and sometimes the Tangle Teezer can't even help... I always use this on damp hair after washing, I usually just apply it to the ends and the tangled area if needed. It always leaves my hair feeling so, so soft. It gives you that really sleek feeling like when you've just had your hair cut and it smells gorgeous, so it leaves your hair feeling and smelling amazing! 

Have you tried this?

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  1. Your blog is looking amazing! What an improvement xx
    How did you get that "white washed" effect on your photos?


    1. Thank you lovely! I just increase the brightness :) xx

  2. Lovely review, this sounds so good! I'm a huge fan of the Elasticizer and I'm very tempted to try this now too :) xx


  3. Love this review, and your blog is adorable! So glad I found it.

  4. I've got this and I use it loads, I totally agree is smells amazing