Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Blogmas: Day Two | Christmas Jumpers 2014

As December is upon us I think it's now appropriate to start wearing Christmas jumpers! Last year, I didn't have much spare money, so I couldn't get one, but there were so many amazing ones. This year, they just aren't as great.. Just my luck, eh? but I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of my favourite ones. I know some people like the traditional really tacky ones, but I much prefer the cute ones haha!

Will you purchase a Christmas jumper this year?

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  1. Those are the cutest ones I have seen!!

  2. Such a gorgeous selection of christmas jumpers! My favourites are the pink penguin one and the grey snowman one, so cute! x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I love Robins so that would be my first choice. The penquin one is also quite cute and a lovely colour.

  4. I love to wear Christmas jumpers and have 3 in my collection already. I would love that Christmas bow one, it is so pretty.