Sunday, January 11, 2015

Minvita Baobab Body Oil

Minvita Baobab Body Oil Review
Minvita Baobab Body Oil
Minvia Baobab Body Oil* | £35.00 | Link

When I was a young teen, I was so good at taking care of my skin. I never bothered with all those highly perfumed body butters, I found that a simple body oil kept my skin in incredible condition. Fast forward a few years and I'll admit it - I've become lazy. I just hate waiting for ages for the moisturiser to dry, but my skin is currently in awful condition - it's dry, has no elasticity and I now have a few pesky stretch marks too. Enough is enough, I need to get back into actually giving my skin the care that it's so desperately craving. During the past year, I've tried so many different body butter/oils, but I still hadn't found one I loved, so when Minvita asked me if I'd like to try their body oil I jumped at the chance!

The Baobab Body Oil from Minvia is 100% natural and organic which really intrigued me because it's rare that I use a product that is completely natural. I'd never actually heard of 'Baobab' before, but after some quick research, I discovered that it's a nutritious African super fruit and the oil is made from its seeds. Minvita claims that the oil helps to improve the skin's elasticity, it's softness and appearance, eases bruising and scaring, nourishes ageing skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and intensely moisturises dry skin. It's also high in vitamins A, D, E, F.

I've now been using this for a few weeks and I've been really enjoying it! I always apply this after a bath or shower, I really love how fast it sinks into the skin and it doesn't leave any oily residue. I also love that it has a spray nozzle, making it so easy and quick to apply. I've definitely noticed a huge difference since I started using it, my skin feels so much more firm and the skin on my legs looks a lot nicer. Strech mark wise - it doesn't seem to have made a difference, but nothing seems to be getting rid of them! At £35 this is definitely more of a treat, but it does work amazingly well and I highly recommend it! 

Are you a fan of body oils?

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  1. Ohh this sounds like a lovely Body Oil~ ^ - ^
    Baobab seems to be becoming a common ingredient in Skincare this year! ^ w ^

  2. I've been using Bio Oil for my stretch marks; but will need to give this a try too :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  3. ive never used body oils before but they sound very soothing but invigorating at the same time! Thanks for sending your link over in the #bbloggers chat last night, just followed on bloglovin!

    Olivia from Olivia Rose's

    p.s what do you use on your brows? They look stunning in the side bar pic! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! Off to check your blog now :) I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade xxx