Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I feel like everyone has that one place from their childhood that even today, is like your little haven. Brighton is definitely mine. To me, it's perfect. It has amazing shops, nightlife, beach and marina. Long gone are they days that I get to travel to Brighton every weekend for £1, but I do go back as much as I can. As most of you know I was lucky enough to spend a whole week there recently and I got a few questions about my stay so I thought I'd write a post!

When I first started to go for weekend stays to Brighton, the whole weekend had to be as cheap as possible and we'd usually stay in budget hotels such as the Travelodge on the seafront. It's bearable for a few days and it doesn't break the bank (prices start from £39 a night) Fast forward a few years and we found the company - Brighton Holiday Homes. They have a whole range of different rental holiday homes available around Brighton and Hove, which are all beautifully decorated and can sleep from 1 to 40 people! We've used them twice now, the first time for my 18th birthday and we stayed in the apartment called Sea Breeze - which is the perfect apartment for a couples getaway and the location is perfect, just by the pier! and more recently we stayed at the Bristol Court apartment, which is also on the seafront and has beautiful sea views, this apartment is alot more spacious with two bedrooms and two bathrooms ect..

Personally I think Brighton is a lovely place to visit all year round, but I'll admit it is that little bit nicer in the summer - obviously, so you can take full advantage of the beach, but if I'm looking to stay for a week I usually go in the winter because it is SO much cheaper and a lot less busy. 

Shopping: As I've mentioned before, shopping in Brighton is amazing. Where I live, the options of different shops is very, very limited, so I always end up having a huge shopping spree when I'm there. The shops that I always like to visit are:

Sass & Belle sell lots of really cute homeware items and gifts and I'm completely obsessed with everything they sell! Luckily, you can order online, but I do prefer going into the store. They currently have five stores - four in London and one in Brighton.

Velvet - This is definitely my favourite store in Hove and it is pretty similar to Sass & Belle and they even sell some S&B stock. Inside Velvet is shabby chic heaven and you will find homeware items, gifts, furniture and clothing. 

England at Home is exclusive to Brighton and they actually have two stores there. They sell lots of quirky homeware items and every time I visit, there is always something that catches my eye! I've just realised that you can order online here too which makes me happy!

Tiger - There are lots of these dotted around the country, but I don't have one where I live and you can't order online, so I make sure I always pay a visit when I go to Brighton. Tiger sell a whole range of items and I always find that they sell so many handy items and they're so affordable!

And lastly Choccywoccydoodah - This place is simply amazing and the cakes that they showcase are incredible!


JB's American Diner - American diners are one of my favourite types of restaurants to go to and JB's is definitely my favourite by far. The portions are huge and amazing value for money and my all time favourite thing on the menu is definitely the Lucky Charms milkshake, yum! 

Catwalk Cakes is the cutest vintage tearoom that sell the most amazing cakes and it's where I had a little birthday tea. I only found out about this place recently, but it's amazing! 

Pizzaface was just around the corner from our apartment and we became obsessed. They make the most amazing stone baked pizzas (If I had one local to me I'd never go to Pizza Hut or Domino's again!) and they also sell Boho Gelato ice-cream which is incredible!

Slice Sussex is based in Hove and is my favourite place to go for breakfast! It's such a quirky and unique place and I love that they have a Roald Dahl quote on the wall! 

Harry Ramsdens - Every time I visited Brighton with my Grandparents, we'd always, always go here. So, I still go now because I don't want to break the tradition. 

The pier and the beach will probably forever be my favourite places to visit, there's nothing more calming than hearing the sound of the waves and looking at all the different beautifully coloured beach huts.

I feel like I've mentioned everything that I've been asked, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an email!

Have you ever been to Brighton?


  1. Looks lovely, I've never been to Brighton before its so far from where I live, but I'd like to go sometime in the future x

    The Beauty Trove

  2. I'm so lucky to go to university in Brighton because this city is just incredible! All the places you mentioned I love, minus Pizzaface! Haven't heard of that before but sounds UHMAZING! x

  3. Brighton has always been on my 'places I need to visit' list and this post has made me want to go even more! x

    1. I remember you tweeting about wanting to go in the past! Definitely go, it's beautiful <3

  4. I love the look of Brighton, must go there at some point!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. I've never been to Brighton before but a weekend away is a MUST for me this year, I'm not letting another year pass me by without visitng this place x

  6. This post was so lovely, I fall in love with Brighton more and more when you post about it haha it is my goal to get to the UK and visit Brighton now! Loved the photos too hun! xx

    Bethany |