Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Spring Tag

The Spring Tag 2015 Blog

Hello Lovelies! As it's now officially spring, I thought I would do the spring tag! I've seen two variations of it flying around, so I've mixed and matched the questions a little. 

001: What are you looking forward to the most in spring? 
As I've mentioned before, I just cannot wait until the weather has improved a little and I can leave the house without having to wear layers upon layers. The clocks went forward one hour last night too, which means lighter evenings are on the way!

002: Favourite thing about spring? 
I did write a whole blog post on all my favourite things about spring, but I think my top five favourite things are the warmer weather, lighter evenings, all the beautiful flowers, waking up and hearing all the birds singing and the spring fashion is beautiful too!

003: Favourite spring nail polish?
During spring I always opt for pastel shades and my favourites are definitely mint green shades, such as Mint Candy Apple from Essie and Sugared Apple from the Barry M's Gelly range! 

004: Favourite spring lip product? 
As I always wear pretty dark, matte shades throughout autumn and winter, when spring finally comes around I like to wear nice, subtle, natural shades. My current favourites are Lovelorn from MAC and the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in 'Melted Peony'.

005: Favourite spring drink?
Definitely rose lemonade!

006: Favourite flower?
Ooh, this is such a tough question! My top five are: Tulips, Hydrangeas, Roses, Peonies and Dahlias. 

007: Favourite spring candle?
As I've mentioned before, I always become obsessed with lighting candles in the autumn/winter time and I rarely light them during the rest of the year. But I do really want to pick up one of the Easter Yankee Candles! 

008: Favourite perfume to wear in spring? 
I'm currently really loving Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs!

009: What are your favourite clothing items to wear in spring?
I love wearing skater skirts, with floaty, blouses! 

010: Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations?
I was originally going to be heading to Florida later this year, but we then made the decision to postpone it due to how bad my health is right now. As a lot of you already know, I suffer with CFS and going to Disney would involve an awful lot of walking everyday and if I'm honest, right now I just wouldn't manage it. I even struggled walking around Brighton everyday.  This year, I just definitely want to focus on trying everything I can to get better, so I can start living a little bit more and hopefully will get to go in the future. Just so we still had something to look forward to, we recently booked to stay in a little cottage in Dorset near where they filmed Broadchurch and it's dog friendly, so we can take little Buzz (who definitely won't be little by then haha) I'm pretty excited for that! My Nan and Grandad used to go on holiday to Dorset every year and I've been wanting to go ever since I lost my Grandad! 

*All images featured in the post are from Pinterest. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this tag!



  1. I love love love rose lemon aid as well!

    Hannah Rose

  2. Cannot wait for warmer weather and all the colour coming back in the nature. Also, lovely pictures you chose. x


  3. Very nice! I am excited for spring as well :) xx