Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Blossom Candle

Primark Spring Candle 2015
Primark Spring Candle 2015

Life has been so hectic lately and it's left me feeling pretty drained. This time last year I was on a beautiful beach in Mexico, sipping cocktails.. I want to go back! As a holiday is not currently on the cards, I've been trying to find other methods to de-stress. One thing that majorly relaxes me is lighting candles. I don't know why, but usually I only like lighting candles in the autumn/winter time, but when I saw this cute spring candle called Spring Blossom in Primark, I just had to get it! These little jars retail at just £1 each, but as they are super small and the burning time isn't too long I usually pick up a few jars at a time. When choosing candle scents, I always usually go for incredibly sickly sweet scents, but this is a lovely change for the season and is a really nice light, floral scent which makes me feel so excited for summer!

I know you guys alwaays love my Primark posts, so I thought I'd write this! I really want to a Primark haul again soon because they are always SO popular, but to be honest I just haven't been to Primark much in the past year because it's always so crowded and it makes me feel so panicky! 

Are you a fan of Primark candles?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleek Matte Me // Petal

Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015
Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015
Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015
Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015
Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks Petal Review Blog 2015

Back in January all I kept hearing about was the Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks from Sleek and in particular, the one in the shade Birthday Suit, which is the perfect 90's/Kylie Jenner shade. It was completely sold out everywhere and it was even being sold online for ridiculous prices, so obviously I wanted to see what all the hype was about and whilst I was in Brighton I looked all over for the Matte Me Lipsticks.. Of course Birthday Suit was no where to be seen, so I thought instead I would pick up another shade and went with Petal, which is a really pretty natural pink shade. 

Sleek claim these to be a "matte finish liquid lipstick, that glides on in one smooth application, without the need of a second coat" I've tried a few different types of these 'liquid lipsticks' before, from various different brands and I really love them, so I had pretty high hopes I would love the Matte Me Lipsticks too, but.. I just don't. The formula makes them so hard to apply, which makes the product look so uneven. They only look slightly wearable once the product has completely dried and when it is dry, it gives you that horrible super dry/chalky matte feeling which I hate! 

Overall I would probably rate this product a 2/5 and I definitely wouldn't repurchase any more shades due to there being so many better alternatives out there!

Thank you for reading! Have you tried these? Did you like them?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cragg Sisters Tearoom

Happy Friday! As I don't have that many favourites this week, I thought instead of writing a Friday Favourites post I would share a lifestyle review instead. I rarely do these, which is strange because these are my favourite type of posts to read!

I'm alwaays mentioning how much I love Brighton, but another place I really love is Suffolk! I find Suffolk is the best of both worlds - they have some really lovely beaches and they also have beautiful countryside and I really do hope to move there one day! One of my favourite places in Suffolk is Aldeburgh, a little coastal town. I went there with my Grandparents on holiday back in a day and I still love it now! One of my favourite places to visit whilst I'm there is a little tearoom called Cragg Sisters. As I've probably mentioned many times before, I just love tearooms and this one is definitely one of the best I've ever been too. The tearoom is situated on Aldeburgh's high street and was only a short walk from where we parked. It is pretty small inside, but so beautifully decorated. If like me you love that vintage/shabby chic decor, you will be in heaven!

Cragg Sisters Tearoom Review

Once sat down, there are two menus to look through - the tea menu and the food menu. As we only wanted to have something small to eat, we opted for the cream tea, but I did see the waitress bring out some food for some other customers and it looked incredible! In terms of cost, I do think it is a little expensive, but I think all tearooms are, but I just love them, so I don't mind paying! Last time we went in around lunch time and it did get incredibly busy, people were even queuing up outside in the end, so if you're looking to go maybe try and go at a time that isn't so popular!

Overall, I love this little place and if you enjoy visiting tearooms too, I definitely recommend you visit this one if  you're ever in the area! 

Food // 9
Decor // 10 
Overall // 9.5

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dreaming of Disney?

free disney dining 2016

I know, I know - blog posts have been very few and far between at the moment, so today I thought I'd add a little Disney magic into my blog to make up for it! As I've mentioned before we're hoping to book our Disney 2016 holiday very soon and if you're hoping to go next year too, now is the perfect time to book! 

Value Resorts (All-Star, Pop Century, Art of Animation) 
Includes free breakfast every morning of your stay.  

Moderate Resorts (Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Fort Wilderness Cabins, Port Orleans French Quarter & Port Orleans Riverside) 
Includes Free Quick Service Dining Plan: 2 quick service meals, 1 snack and refillable mug, everyday for your stay.

Deluxe Resorts (Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk Inn, Polynesian Village, Grand Floridian, Contemporary)
Includes Free Disney Dining Plan: 1 table service meal, 1 quick-service meal, 1 snack & refillable drink, every day for your stay.

And if all that wasn't enough you also get a free $200 gift card, free photo pass (when buying a 2016 adult ticket) and 14 day ultimate ticket for the price of 7!

If you've always wanted that dream disney holiday, now is the time to start pricing it up and make sure you book before July 9th! (See the Walt Disney World website for full details)


Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favourites: 006

Hello Lovelies, I hope you're all well! This week you may have noticed there has been a huge lack of posts from me and there are two reasons behind this.. The first being the lovely weather we've been having in the UK! I've been saying for such a long time how I couldn't wait until we finally had a little bit of sun, so I thought I'd enjoy it whilst it lasts! And the second reason is that we've been having a little trouble with our internet, so it was impossible to write up any posts. Anyway, that's enough rambling, on with the favourites....

Youtuber: This week my favourite Youtuber has definitely been Lil Miss Chickas! As I think I mentioned in my last Friday Favourites, I've been obsessed with all things Disney recently and I definitely want to try and go to Disney World next year and her videos are so informative and helpful when planning a WDW holiday! I also love how much she loves Disney! If you don't already watch her videos, definitely go over and check her out:

Food: I've never actually done this category before, but this week I've been completely obsessed with Pringles. I know they are so unhealthy and completely awful, but ugh, there're just SO moreish aren't they? haha I'll start the diet next week! 

TV: This week I decided to start watching a new TV series and went with 'Bates Motel'. It's supposed to be a prequel to the movie 'Psycho' where Norman is currently a teenager. Freddie Highmore who played Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plays Norman which is SO WEIRD seeing him all grown up! I thought it would be really rubbish, but I've become so obsessed with it so quickly.. I'm already on season two! 

Instagram: This week I've been really loving Bryony Belle's Instagram and if you're a Disney fan, I'm sure you will love it too! Follow her here:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xo
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks Blog Review
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks Blog Review
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks Blog Review
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Red Carpet Red and Amazing Grace

Ever since I purchased my first lipstick back in year 10, I've been hooked. Whenever I went shopping, at least one lipstick would end up in my basket, which led to me to have quite a large collection. These days I try to tell myself I have enough and I don't need anymore, but when I saw the Matte Revolution lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury on various different blogs, I instantly fell in love. When it comes to pretty packaging, I'm like a magpie and sometimes (most of the time) I feel like I need a product purely for the packaging. The Matte Revolution lipsticks are probably the prettiest lipsticks I own. I'm obsessed with rose gold and I love that they're pretty durable too, which makes them perfect for travelling with, not just something to look pretty on your dressing table. There are 10 different shades to choose from and something to suit everybody:

Bond Girl is a natural berry shade, perfect for the sultry look - Think Halle Berry, Barbara Bach and Olga Kurylenko.

Sexy Sienna was inspired by Sienna Miller and is a golden coral shade. Perfect for those with sun-kissed skin. Think Gisele and Veruschka.

Birkin Brown is a soft chocolate cream shade. Perfect for the likes of  Naomi Campbell and Jane Birkin.

Amazing Grace was inspired by Grace Kelly and is a vintage tea rose shade. Perfect for a beautiful polished look. Think  Nicole Kidman and Miranda Kerr.

Lost Cherry is a gorgeous pastel fuchsia. Perfect for a fresh and effortless look. Think Kate Bosworth, Felicity Jones and Cara Delevingne.

Love Liberty was inspired by Liberty Ross and is a wild rose flush shade. Perfect for a glamorous look. Think Jerry Hall and Uma Thurman.

Red Carpet Red is a true ruby red shade. Perfect when trying to recreate that Hollywood red carpet look. Think Scarlett Johansson, Marilyn Monroe and Michelle Williams.

Glaston-Berry is a sheer black current shade. Perfect for the likes of Rihanna, Grace Jones and Rita Ora.

Very Victoria was inspired by Victoria Beckham and is a taupe, nude shade. If bold and bright shades scare you a little and you would rather opt for a nude, this one is perfect for you!

Walk Of Shame is a pretty rose berry shade. Perfect for a chic vintage look. Think Christina Hendricks and Margot Robbie.

If you asked me which kind of lipstick finish was my favourite, I would alwaaays say matte! I love how it looks and the fact that it stays put for hours on end. What I do hate though, is how drying is can be to your lips.. But luckily these are different! The lipsticks are enriched with lipstick tree and orchid extracts which softens, hydrates and protects the lips. They also contain 3D pigments that create the appearance of wider and fuller lips, which is amazing because my lips definitely have nothing on Kylie Jenners! 

I now own two shades out of the available 10 - Red Carpet Red and Amazing Grace. I'm completely in love with both of them, but tend to opt for Amazing Grace more as it's so much more of a wearable shade. The lipstick itself is pretty unique compared to the others in my collection, due to the square angled tip. It makes application so much easier and I always find that you can get a pretty precise application without the need of a lip brush. Once they've been applied and dried to a matte finish, they don't have that super heavy, drying feeling that a lot of other matte lipsticks have. Oh and they also smell incredible - just like MAC lipsticks, which is a super sweet mini eggs kind of scent.

Overall, these are the most perfect matte lipsticks I've ever tried and I would definitely purchase some more shades. They are expensive at £23 each, but in my opinion they are definitely worth it! 

Have you tried these? Which shade is your favourite?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favourites: 005

Friday Favourites / Disney Themed

Hello Lovelies, Happy Friday! This week I've been looking through all my old holiday photos and I truly have the holiday blues. As I mentioned in the spring tag, we postponed our holiday to Florida due to how poor my health is at the moment, but fingers crossed we can go next year instead! I've been obsessed with all things Disney this week and as I've never actually been to Disney World or Disney Land, I really want to go ASAP!

Youtube: This week, there hasn't been one particular YouTuber that I've been loving, but I have really been enjoying watching Disney vlogs! I just love how much time and effort goes into them and how amazingly edited they all are. When I do finally go to Disney, I would love to attempt to record some of it!

Music: Carrying on with the Disney theme, I've been really loving listening to Disney songs and in particular the remixes from Pogo! If you're a Disney fan and have never listened to them, go and have a listen now! My favourites are Bloom, Alice, Wishery and Upular

TVAdmittedly, I haven't actually had much time to sit down and watch much TV this week, but I did watch 'The Great Disney Easter Egg Hunt' and that was pretty interesting! If you're unsure of the term 'Easter Egg' It's basically when the Disney animators subtly make references to previous movies in various different movies. There are SO many to mention, but if you are interested - Google them!  

Product: This week my favourite product has definitely been the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. I won't go into too much detail because I'm thinking of writing a whole post on this because I love it that much! But I love how easily it is to apply and blend out and I find it's the perfect shade for spring!

Quote: After this post was incredibly Disney themed I thought it would be appropriate to leave you all with a Disney themed quote too! 

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!xo


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Blog Review

I'm always hearing so many amazing things about the brand Origins and I've wanted to try out one of their products for the longest time, but as the products are pretty expensive, it took me so long to finally purchase something. In the end it was between the Clear Improvement Mask and this - the Drink Up Intensive Mask. I have pretty dry skin a lot of the time and I've also been suffering with dry patches recently too, so my skin was definitely in need of some intense moisture! 

"Skin depends on water for its youthful functioning. But all day long, skin loses vital moisture. And the busier you are, the more it loses. This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. Japanese Seaweed repairs skin?s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing."

It comes in two different sizes - 50ml and 100ml. I opted for the 50ml as it was my first time trying the product and I believe it retailed for around £12. It has a medium consistency and it always feels so lovely and rich when applying it to the skin. The scent of skincare products is always a major thing for me and I'm always super fussy and hate most scents, but this is actually nice. It's fruity, but more of a natural scent, not the horrid artificial kind. When using this I always apply a generous amount to the skin just before bed. It does take a while to sink in and whilst it's drying, it feels pretty sticky and mask like. It's not the nicest of feelings, so I definitely would recommend using this before sleeping. 

I've now been using this for a few months and I'm still amazed at how soft and plump it makes my skin feel. Once I run out, I'll definitely be repurchasing the full size! If you're in need of a little moisture boost, this is the product you need!


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Wishlist #8: Desk

one // two // three // four // five // six

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I was thinking about getting a desk and after online window shopping on various different websites, I finally settled with the Linnmon/Alex Table from Ikea. I don't have the room for a huge desk, so this is the perfect fit and I also love that it has drawers! As we don't have any Ikea stores that close by, I made a little Ikea order and bought the desk and a few other bits and we had to pay the dreaded £40 delivery fee (ouch) 

I knew I definitely wanted a print by my desk and when I saw this gold foil Gossip Girl print over on Gift and Pieces I thought it would go really well with the white and gold theme and bought it! I just need to buy a frame now!  I'm still undecided whether I should have a lamp on my desk, or not... but I did really fall in love with this one from - I have become pretty obsessed with this website and find myself getting completely lost for a few hours, looking at all the pretty homeware.

My Ikea delivery is due to arrive today, so once I'm happy with how my desk area looks I'll definitely show you all! 

Monday, April 06, 2015

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello Lovelies, Happy Monday! Today I thought instead of sharing a new quote that I'm loving - I thought I'd write a list of things that make me happy. It's a nice positive post and something good to look back on when I'm feeling sad.

001: Harry Potter. I don't know what it is about Harry Potter, but it always makes me instantly happy and puts me in such a good mood! Whether it's reading the books or watching the movies, anytime I need a little pick me up, Harry Potter is one thing that will always make me smile. 

002: Blossom trees. Blossom trees are so beautiful, smell pretty damn good and give you that warm fuzzy feeling that spring is here!

003: Making exciting plans. I just love planning things and I'd happily spend days, weeks, months planning various different events and I actually always feel a little sad when the thing I'm planning is over .. Is anyone else like this?

004: Watching a sunrise. Although I'm not usually awake in time for sunrises, they are my favourite. I saw them most days in Mexico due to the jet lag and I loved it!

005: Writing on the first page of a new notebook. Remember what an amazing feeling this was at school? I still love it!

006: Bubble baths. Ideally a Lush Cosmetics bath, they make me feel so refreshed and relaxed.

007: Freshly painted nails. I just love having freshly painted nails, chipped nails actually make me feel a little bit sad.

008: Finding an outfit that makes you feel confident and just pretty fabulous

009: Tea & Cake. Is there a better combination than this? NOPE. Which is why tearooms are my favourite place to go.

010: Waking up to the sun shining and the birds singing away. My favourite thing about spring/summer!

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you have a lovely day! 

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Baking

Hello Lovelies! In the run up to Easter I've been really enjoying baking and as it's Easter tomorrow I thought I'd share the recipes! I did want to get this post up a lot sooner than this, but my laptop is being such a pain at the moment and no web browsers are currently working. I cannot wait until my new desk arrives, so I can finally use a computer that works! 

First, I thought I'd start by sharing my favourite of the two - the chocolate cake. I got inspiration for this from a few different recipes and mixed them up to make the perfect cake. Just a warning this is a pretty big cake haha!

For the cake you will need: 
350g caster sugar
350g stork margarine
350g self raising flour
6 large eggs
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 

* Before starting, preheat the oven to 170c / gas mark 3 and grease and line two 9"x1" cake tins. 

* Now cream together the stork and sugar until it's light and fluffy.

* Add the eggs in several stages. To avoid the mixture curdling, add a tablespoon of flour after each addition. Gently beat in the vanilla extract.

Fold in the flour until combined. 

Divide the mixture into the two cake tins and bake for 35-40 minutes.

For the icing you will need: 
350g 70% cocoa dark chocolate
450g unsalted butter
2 tablespons semi-skimmed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
500 icing sugar, sifted

Melt the chocolate, either in the microwave or over the hob until smooth and of a thick pouring, consistency. Leave to cool slightly. 

In a large mixing bowl, beat together the butter, milk, vanilla and icing sugar - until smooth. 

Add the melted chocolate and beat again, until thick and creamy. If it looks too runny, just keep beating until it's to your desired consistency. 

Now, it's time to apply the icing to the cake. I spread a good amount of icing in the middle of the cake and applied the rest to the sides and top.  To make the 'birds nest' I melted 300g milk chocolate and crushed 5 shredded wheat, mixed it all together and applied it to the to cake. 

For added decoration, I also put a whole easter egg, mini eggs and two creme eggs on top! 

And that's it! You could definitely mix this up and have a chocolate sponge too, but I thought that would be a little too much haha!

The second bake, is of course the creme egg brownies that everyone seems to be making at the moment!

To make these, you will need:
185g unsalted butter,
185g dark chocolate
85g plain flour
40g cocoa powder
3 large eggs
275g caster sugar
cadbury creme eggs

Preheat the oven to 160c and grease your chosen baking tray.

Melt the butter and chocolate together either in the microwave or on the hob.

In a large mixing bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar, until thick and creamy. 

Once the melted chocolate has cooled, pour into the mixture and gently fold everything together. 

Sift in the cocoa powder and flour mixture into the mixing bowl and fold everything together. 

Pour into the baking tray, making sure it's evenly spread out and cook for 10-15 minutes. 

Once removed from the oven, gently press in the creme eggs and put them back into the oven for another 5-10 minutes. 

 Leave to cool, before cutting and removing from tin!

*Recipes from The Cherry Tree, Primrose Bakery, Betty Crocker and The Baking Twins.

I hope you enjoyed this baking post and I hope you all have a lovely Easter, whatever you get up to!