Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Wishlist #8: Desk

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I mentioned in a recent blog post that I was thinking about getting a desk and after online window shopping on various different websites, I finally settled with the Linnmon/Alex Table from Ikea. I don't have the room for a huge desk, so this is the perfect fit and I also love that it has drawers! As we don't have any Ikea stores that close by, I made a little Ikea order and bought the desk and a few other bits and we had to pay the dreaded £40 delivery fee (ouch) 

I knew I definitely wanted a print by my desk and when I saw this gold foil Gossip Girl print over on Gift and Pieces I thought it would go really well with the white and gold theme and bought it! I just need to buy a frame now!  I'm still undecided whether I should have a lamp on my desk, or not... but I did really fall in love with this one from - I have become pretty obsessed with this website and find myself getting completely lost for a few hours, looking at all the pretty homeware.

My Ikea delivery is due to arrive today, so once I'm happy with how my desk area looks I'll definitely show you all! 



  1. Im in love with the cushion! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. The GG print is fantastic, I really need to start thinking "What would Blair Waldorf do?" haha :)
    xxx Claire