Wednesday, August 19, 2015

15 Problems You Face When You Have Long Hair

001: The amount of time it takes to wash your hair and then let it dry. Nobody's got time for that!

002: You go through way too much conditioner. I swear I need a new bottle every two weeks!

003: And you find your hair everywhere. How do I even have SO MUCH hair left? 

004: The panic you feel when you make the horrible realisation that you've left the house without a hair tie.

005: Brushing your hair is one hell of a workout.

006: And so is putting it up in a hair tie. 

007: You can no longer wear lipgloss. Unless you want your hair constantly attached to your lips. 

008: Actual strangers touching your hair to see if it's 'real'. The creepiest experience of my life to date.

009: The struggle of always wanting your hair curled, but it taking 75674803409 years to do so.

010: Sleeping with your hair down is never an option. You wake up half strangled and all of the knots possible.

011: Oh and the knots. Detangling all of the knots is the most painful and time consuming task there is!

012: Being tickled by your own hair and having a full on bitch fit because you convince yourself it's a massive spider. 

013: In order to get all of your hair out of your face, you end up wearing it up so much. You start to ask yourself why you don't just get it cut...

014: You develop an actual fear of going to the hairdressers. Which makes you always put off getting it cut. Which part of "Just a trim" do they not understand? 

015: Long hair & a gust of wind = hair errywhere. 

You begin to question - it is even worth it? YEP, I need that long, princess hair! 


  1. this is literally my life in a post :( having long hair is both a blessing and a curse, and i always dread getting it cut cause i don't suit short hair! x

  2. Haha oh my days! I'm seriously contemplating getting my haircut soon, I go through all these problems everyday lol!

    Angi |

  3. Omg number 12, thought that was only me! The struggle is real lol

  4. Haha great post!! Definitely on a stage I don't want it cut but still it gets everywhere and it annoys me!

    Sara |

  5. Love this post, i malt way too much, it goes everywhere!

  6. This post was hilarious and definitely relatable. The gifs were brilliant! xxx

  7. I had really long hair for around 16 years until I had it all cut off 5 years ago. The worst bits for me were the horrendous knots at the base of my neck (once so bad I thought I was going to have to give myself an undercut!) and my boyfriend laying on it! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  8. All of these are so true. I also need about 3 boxes of dye to actually colour it all
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise