Friday, August 28, 2015

Lush Cosmetics Big Blue Bath Bomb

Lush Cosmetics Big Blue Bath Bomb Blog Review

I love Lush Cosmetics and whenever I'm in a Lush store, I can't help but purchase a few new bath bombs. I love trying different ones and I rarely find one that I don't like. I recently tried Big Blue for the first time, so I thought I'd tell you my thoughts!

"This calming bath bomb evokes a summer’s day at the seaside: perfect for drifting off. Big Blue’s key ingredient is a type of kelp called arame seaweed, which softens in your hot bath water. Arame is rich in vitamins and minerals including iodine, which helps to regulate the metabolism. Sea salt softens the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells, while lemon oil clears the mind and, like lavender oil, is antiseptic and cleansing."

When I first heard about Big Blue, it seemed lovely - with lemon oil to refresh the body and mind, lavender oil to make you feel relaxed and seaweed and sea salt to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. However, I just didn't love it! The scent was really lovely and refreshing, and it did fizz away pretty quickly, which is good if you don't like to wait for ages for the bath bomb to be completely dissolved. It transforms your bath water into the most beautiful turquoise shade and it does leave your skin feeling super soft, but the seaweed is horrible! It becomes very slimy and sitting in a bath with slimy seaweed touching you isn't the most enjoyable experience, I'll be honest. And when I was draining the bath water none of the seaweed would go down the plughole, so you had to scoop it all out by hand, which was also pretty horrible!

Overall, I would not recommend this. The smell was nice and I loved how soft it left my skin feeling, but the seaweed was actually pretty terrifying! This is probably the most authentic bath bomb to use if you want a real "mermaid bath" but I personally wouldn't purchase it again.

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb / £3.35 Via Lush - link.

Have you tried Big Blue? Did you enjoy it?


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  1. I love Lush so much and can't get enough of their bath bombs. I haven't tried this one, but I think I'll perhaps give it a miss as I'd rather not bathe in slimey seaweed haha xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog