Friday, August 07, 2015

Pretty Little Liar Problems & Thoughts

The obsession with Pretty Little Liars always starts off so innocently. You decide to watch the first season after hearing all of the hype, you promise yourself you won't become addicted - you're better than that. But before you know it, you've binged watched all available seasons and you have no shame whatsoever!

You complete the first season and all you want to know is - WHO IS A! 

And then you get to season six and you're like CHARLES? WHO IS CHARLES?

Which leaves you lying in bed at night reading theory after theory. 

You can no longer trust anyone wearing a black hoodie. 

Or a red coat. 

In fact, you can't trust anyone. Any new characters that pop up - you have your theories.. Even dead characters.. Are you REALLY dead though?

And remember that major heartbreak you felt when Ezra was A? Trust no one.

You've also now got a huge fear of creepy looking dolls.

And masks.

Waiting a whole week for a new episode is torture, but waiting for a new season to start feels like an entire LIFETIME.

Caleb Rivers though. Need I say more? *emoji heart eyes x500000*

Every single prom/dance they attend, always ends in some form of drama, yet they always want to go? That PLL logic though. 

Every episode has been SO intense recently, you feel like you need ALL OF THE WINE to recover! 

And just when you think it's all nearly over, it's recently been announced there may be a season 8 or a movie? WHEN WILL IT END! 

I guess I just shouldn't get too emotionally involved with TV shows.

On Tuesday, we're meant to finally find out who A/Charles is, but it all seems too good to be true after ALL THIS TIME. What are your theories - who do you think A is? 



  1. This post was absolutely amazing. Back in March I decided to start PLL and watched up to the end of season 5 in two weeks :-) And I'm not embarrassed at is an amazing show and all the actors are incredible. I just really want to know who A is NOW! I can't wait any longer, not even until next week; I had a feeling they would end the last episode like that though...ANNOYING!! I have so many theories but I have no idea who I definitely think A is..what about yourself? We could discuss our theories over email if you have any spare time (yes I know I'm sad and I understand if you wish not to) :

    Lots of love
    Charlotte x

  2. Such a relatable post! The suspense is killing me, I really hope that all this hype for next week will be worth it! xo

  3. Aarrgghh so glad someone's done a post on pll, I've been so curious recently, I'm finally up to date and need to know everything!
    Cookie ~ x

  4. Aaah I still need to majorly catch up and am dreading someone spoiling it on social media! A few days of complete binge watching are needed before the big reveal. Loved this post, Caleb is looking fineee x

    What Rachael Wrote

  5. Omg, I thought of doing a post exactly like this but didn't know how to do it without spoilers! Haha, I LOVED reading this! The only thing I will say is I don't think Charles is A! I think he's just a secret A pulled out into the open with all the other secrets and A will do it until there are no secrets left.
    I started watching this in June and I can't believe I didn't give into the hype sooner! The suspense is killing me and I can't wait to watch it next week! And if Ezra and Aria don't get back together - I might be actually heartbroken! I love them <3

    Cat |