Sunday, August 09, 2015

Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self - Beauty Edition

001: Leave your eyebrows alone.
Year 9. Year 9 was the year everyone thought it was a fab idea to over pluck your eyebrows so much that they looked like little maggots and I've been attempting to grow them back ever since.

002: Stick to a skincare routine.
I initially started a very basic skincare routine when I around 11/12, but when I did start to get spots - I completely stopped using moisturiser in the fear that it would cause even more breakouts.

003: Blend, blend, blend.
Ah, remember how glam the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse days were? You never had the right shade and you would paint layers upon layers of the stuff on, without blending it in, which always left you with that dreaded foundation line.

004: Protect your hair.
When I was a teen, I didn't really think about trying to protect my hair. I dyed it countless times (black, red, purple) and I would also straighten it every day and it became so, so damaged.

005: Put the eyeliner down and step away.
Oh, the glorious days of getting carried away whilst listening to Bring Me The Horizon and the likes and applying way too much eyeliner. The panda look isn't actually that cute by the way.

006: Makeup brushes are a thing.
I think I owned about two makeup brushes as a teen and they were the worst quality ever. The first time I used a foundation brush, I was so shocked at how much better my makeup looked!

007: Foundation lips.
Why were they ever a thing? W H Y! Lipgloss, lip balm, or lipstick is just fine, honestly.

008: Being pale is okay.
I used to be so pale. Ghostly pale and it kind of ruined my self-esteem. My mum never liked the idea of me using proper fake tan at a young age, so I always used those gradual tanners and they would always go SO patchy and orange.

009: SPF is important. 
I always spent so much time in the sun and I never bothered wearing any SPF and I definitely feel like my skin has suffered. Luckily, most foundations now have SPF in them!

010: Blonde boxed dyes are never a good idea.
Before I started dying my hair, I had pretty light hair and I always wanted to get that back, so I attempted to bleach it myself. Pretty much the worst mistake to date - bright orange hair wasn't fun.

I did want to include a picture of me as a teen, but I'm too ashamed. Too much eyeliner, too little eyebrow hahaha I'm sorry!

What would you tell your teenage self?



  1. I would tell my younger self to blend blend blend too! haha x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I was nodding along and giggling the whole way through, I'm with you with all of these - I would definitely tell my teenage self to step away from the Dream Matte Mousse! Luckily I never touched my eyebrows, but I did do the dodgy eyeliner thing so I'd definitely avoid that now xx