Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wishlist #9: Fenty Beauty

Today marks the first beauty post I've written in two years, which is completely crazy to me, as my blog used to just be primarily a beauty blog. I think I mainly put it down to makeup lines and products being less exciting than they used to be, or maybe I'm just desensitised to it all now after blogging on and off since 2011.

However, when I heard about Fenty Beauty and how much of a game changer it is for the beauty industry, I was actually really excited, so I thought I'd make a little wish list of all the items that I'm most intrigued about. I think most of you will be aware of all there is to know about the range already, but for those who don't... Fenty Beauty is the debut make up line from Rhianna and it's launch has been highly anticipated. Shimmer, highlight and glow were the key elements for the line and as a result, it's heavily complexion based; with her releasing foundations, powder highlighters, contouring and highlighting sticks, brushes and a makeup sponge, a primer, a matte powder, a lipgloss and blotting paper. No lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows or eyeliners in sight.

“There’s so many different shades… you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like ‘Oh that’s cute but it only looks good on her.”

However, the thing that sets this makeup range apart from the rest is just how much it celebrates and promotes diversity. The entire range has been designed for all skin types and skin tones. The 'Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation' comes in 40 different shades, which is incredible. We've all once been in a situation where all we want to do is just buy a new foundation, but the shade range has just been dire and nothing actually matches your skin tone, no matter how much the girl on the makeup counter tries to convince you otherwise. For years, we spoke about how much we just wished that a brand would bring out foundations and concealers with a wide shade range, who would of thought that Rihanna would be the one to do it and bring the change that was so needed in the beauty industry.

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  1. I love Fenty beauty makeup. The packing is so unique and glamorous.

    Charming Coco