Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Zoella Lifestyle: The Christmas Range

Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Range 2017 Boots

I'll be honest, I'm not typically one to buy products that YouTubers release. Mainly because it never seems the best quality and all pretty similar to each other, (there's only so many hoodies you can store in your wardrobe, am I right?) but the 'Zoella Lifestyle' line is something I actually genuinely like. It has all been very much to my taste and wouldn't look out of place in my room. So when I saw the new Christmas range had been released, I was excited and it didn't disappoint.

12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar | £50 | Link
Hot Water Bottle & Eye Mask | £20 | Link
Stationery Box | £12.50 | Link
Pencil Case | £6 | Link
Tins | £12.50 | Link
Journal | £14 | Link
Desk Calendar | £10 | Link
Mug | £8.50 | Link
Festive Cookie Candle | £12.50 | Link
Hat and Travel Mug | £18 | Link
Socks & Cosy Christmas Candle | £18 | Link
Weekly Planner | £10 | Link
Reed Diffuser | £14 | Link 

I think my top five from of the collection are:

001: The desk calendar - I think it would look perfect in my room and I kind of hate the conventional calendars that hang on the wall, so this would be perfect.

002: The mug - I have a complete mug obsession and really need to stop buying more but one more won't hurt, will it? Soon I won't have anywhere to store them, but it's FINE.

003: The hot water bottle and eye mask - I am obsessed with hot water bottles, I have them all year round and they all end up breaking because I just have them TOO MUCH. I've also wanted to buy an eye mask for a while now because I think it might help the getting to sleep process.

004: The candles - I have a huge love with festive themed candles and want them all, please and thank you. 

005: And lastly, the hat and travel mug
- I got the travel mug last year as a gift and I completely adore it and this one looks so adorable too!

I definitely think a few of these items will make their way onto my Christmas list. What are your favourites from the collection? 

(P.S: Yes, a Christmas post in the first week of September. Would you expect any different?)

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