Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Countdown To Halloween // Day Four

Welcome back to day four of my countdown to Halloween series, where I share all of my favourite Halloween films. Today's film is...

Yep, it's time for a trashy horror because it really wouldn't be a Halloween film list without one, right? Although, I won't pretend that I hate this because I low-key kind of love it.

The film follows group of friends: Carly (Elisha Cuthbert), her boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki), her twin brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray), her best friend Paige (Paris Hilton), Paige's boyfriend Blake (Robert Ri'chard) and Nick's friend Dalton (Jon Abrahams), as they make their way to a football game in Louisiana; but after getting a flat tire, they end up stranded in a creepy ghost town named Ambrose and the only thing seemingly open is the small town's eerie Wax Museum...

Before the Kardashians, we had Paris Hilton. I was one of those people that had watched the Simple Life and actually liked her (
sanasaaaa, anyone?) But sadly, not everyone had this mindset and her being cast in this film meant that it never really had a chance because it would always be known as "that film with Paris Hilton in it" or "the one where Paris Hilton gets killed" which most people wouldn't take seriously or give a fair chance but I have to say, it's not the worst. 

Okay, so first we'll talk about the bad: It's a trashy horror movie, full of the usual cliches, which is a real shame because it has so much potential to be great and because of this you just don't really care about any of the characters or their chance of survival. It was also made in that era of when all horror films had to have a soundtrack full of rock music, which some people love, others hate. Personally, it's not something I've loved since being over the age of 15.

And for the positives: Firstly, Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill and 
Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls are in it, so honestly, it's worth watching just for them, I won't lie... But on a more serious note, the cinematography and the colour aesthetics that were used aren't bad (Again, this film did have so much potential) I also liked how the two leads were siblings and not in a romantic relationship, something that is quite rare in any film but especially the horror/thriller genre. The thing I loved the most about this film is the production design. It was made in 2005, so it's not amazing but it was a very believable, creepy little ghost town and I remember watching it when I was younger, thinking how much I'd love to go there and explore the town.

My favourite scene would have to be when they go to the cinema and realise that even though the whole town is made of wax and no living soul really lives here anymore, they still play What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962) on a loop and the waxworks still shh the patrons. For some reason that scene has always stuck with me, it's kind of beautiful in a really weird, morbid way.

Despite all of its flaws, I still enjoy watching this film and is something I always tend to rewatch. If you're looking for a serious horror that will get you completely hooked, this is not the one. But if you're looking for a fun slasher/thriller to watch with friends, you'll love this! 
House of Wax (2005) actually happens to be the third remake of this film, with there also being House of Wax (1953) and Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) I haven't seen the others yet, so I'm not sure how they compare against each other but I actually really like the concept of this film and hope that someday we get another remake, that is taken more seriously and is less trashy and full of cliches. We can only hope, eh?

"It is wax, like... literally."

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