Monday, October 09, 2017

Countdown To Halloween // Day Nine

Welcome back to day nine of my countdown to Halloween series, where I share all of my favourite Halloween films. Today's post is a little different and is actually written by Conor...

Inside No. 9 is without a doubt one of the most under appreciated TV shows out there. OMG this is blog post about a TV series and not a film AND it's not being written by Sophie. What is going on?! Well let me reassure you that while this may feel like uncharted territory, it's nothing compared to the complete wackiness of the show that you should most definitely watch!Sophie and I love watching this together cuddled up watching whatever weird concoction duo Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton have created. We love it so much we're going to a preview for the next series together at the end of the month. You may also recognise their names. They were in Silence in the Library and Sleep No More in Doctor Who. Oh you're not a Doctor Who fan like me, oh... well they also made Psychoville and more notably League of Gentlemen with Mark Gatiss, who also happens to be a regular in Doctor Who (The Lazarus Experiment and also going to be in the Christmas special Twice Upon A Time)

But what is Inside No. 9 I hear you ask? Well imagine Black Mirror but not. Granted that's not the best way of explaining it, but once you've binged all the seasons like we have, you'll totally get what I mean. It's an anthology series, written by British writers, about varying degrees of messed up stories around an underlying theme, that also has a wonderfully screwed up Christmas themed episode. You're picturing Black Mirror aren't you! I TOLD YOU! What makes Inside No. 9 different though isn't its political sounding name, which before watching it I totally thought it was set in No. 9 Downing Street yawn, but is in fact set in a different location each episode, tying them together by the fact that every episode takes place at a house/building addressed to Number 9, like Black Mirror uses dystopian technology. 

Now whether that may be the ninth train carriage where someone did a murder (And no I didn't just type silly, that was a Psychoville reference for those 4 people reading this that haven't seen Inside No. 9 but have watched Shearsmith and Pemberton's other work), or whether it's a call centre on the ninth floor, you're sure to go into each episode and have zero expectation on what goes on, and be completely shooketh at the way the episodes develop.

Another reason why this show is superb is the fact that unlike your The Walking Game of Big Bang and Morty shows is the fact that with this being an anthology series, it means that if you happen to stumble across an episode on the tele or Netflix, you can relax and enjoy every minute, that is until they play with the fabric of the episode, without fear of missing any information from previous episodes. 

However, something that personally I'm not massively keen on is how extra it is. By that I mean there's an episode where if I remember correctly they force a girl to be consumed by a demon. Because sure why not. The fact that every episode is excitedly new also comes with the drawback of some episodes being very hit and miss. Either they're excellently told like the call centre Cold Comfort, told from varying CCTV and web-cam angles, or as mentioned, the not my cup of tea episode The Harrowing about the demon, or even an entire episode devoted to someone's last breath captured in a balloon, aptly named, you guessed it, Last Gasp.While I could easily delve into the crevices of those episodes that are sublime, this post would be as long as Theresa May's fake promises. That being said, if you haven't already, do yourself the favour and most certainly go and watch Inside No. 9 on Netflix and try and obtain the third series by totally legal means ready for the fourth season starting soon.

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