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Countdown To Halloween // Day Twenty Two

Welcome back to day twenty-two of my countdown to Halloween series, where I share all of my favourite Halloween films. Today's film is...

Halloween Film List ParaNorman 2012 Review / Petit Belle Chaton

The film follows 11-year-old Norman Babcock (
Kodi Smit-McPhee) who is kind of an outcast in his town of Blithe Hollow due to his ability to see and talk to the dead. His strange Uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) warns him that a witch's curse that is centuries old, is about to come true and only Norman can stop it. He must push all of his powers to the limit, in an attempt to save all the people of his town...


When I first heard about ParaNorman (2012) and saw all the promotional images, I immediately thought that it was a Tim Burton film. I mean, I have nothing against Tim Burton films but the ones that have been made in more recent years, aren't anything spectacular so I always feel a huge amount of apprehension, but then I saw that it was in fact made by Laika Studios, who have also made Coraline (2009), The Boxtrolls (2014) and Kubo and the Two Strings (2016). I've actually seen every film they've made apart from Kubo (which is on my list to watch very soon) and I've really loved every single one of them. What's even more impressive is every film they've made has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Halloween Film List ParaNorman 2012 Review / Petit Belle Chaton

I think after how well received Coraline was, everyone was eager to see how ParaNorman would compare and if the success of Coraline was just a one-off...It wasn't. ParaNorman still has all those ingredients that made Coraline so magical; the incredible stop-motion, insane attention to detail, a beautiful score and pretty aesthetics. The writing style also feels the same, which I love because they always seem to find the perfect balance of having a quite serious narrative but balancing it out with just the right amount of humour, to keep it light-hearted.I've seen that a lot of people aren't completely sold on the story of ParaNorman and much prefer Coraline but I think this raises very important issues that many children will find relatable. Minus all of its gothic themes and roaming zombies, it's a story that shows an endless cycle of being bullied due to something that you can't control and how revenge isn't the best way to deal with things. It also shows how young people deal with loss and how hard the grieving process is. Ultimately, it leaves a message that you should try and accept everyone, you shouldn't ridicule and hurt someone just because they're different.

Halloween Film List ParaNorman 2012 Review / Petit Belle Chaton

Even though it's primarily targeted as a children's film, it does have some mature themes, which wouldn't be great for very young children but as an adult, you'll be able to watch and enjoy without it feeling mind-numbingly juvenile.

I think one of my favourite things about this film is all the movie references throughout, such as Agatha and her 'ruby slippers'; Sheriff Hopkins actually quoting Scooby Doo; Norman's ringtone on his phone being the Halloween theme tune and Neil turning up wearing a Jason mask (Friday the 13th). There are probably many more but these are the ones that I spotted. I really love it when films reference other films and it's so fun trying to spot them while watching. Another reference I loved but isn't a film or tv show but actually the ghost of what appears to be Amelia Earhart, I really loved this little touch because I'm so fascinated by her and her story. Overall, this is definitely a must watch at Halloween! 

Halloween Film List ParaNorman 2012 Review / Petit Belle Chaton

"There's nothing wrong with being scared Norman, so long as you don't let it change who you are."
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