Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Life Lessons Wednesday Addams Taught Us

Life Lessons Wednesday Addams Taught Us Petit Belle Chaton Blog

I've recently been thinking about how much I love Wednesday Addams and how she's quite honestly my spirit animal, so here are 11 life lessons she taught us.

001. Don't accept anything at face value. Question everything.

002. Always tell it like it is.

003. It's important to educate others that gender norms should be left in 1809.

004. And on the subject of boys; be honest and upfront in all relationships, communication is key.

005. Always share your knowledge with others.

006. Remember how important consent is and ensure that others respect your personal space.

007. When someone underestimates you, show them what you can achieve. 

008. Always dress how you want to, no matter what anyone else says.

009. Sometimes people need to be called out on their bullshit and hit with the truth stick.

010. Negotiate, always. 

011. And lastly, it's okay to hate everything.

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