Monday, November 06, 2017

10 Useful Websites For Bloggers

10 Useful Website For Bloggers

Since PicMonkey started charging for all its services, I've been on the hunt for something new and Canva is amazing. If you want to create graphics for either your blog or social media, this is perfect because they have ready-made templates you can edit and the sizing is perfect for things such as the Instagram square, Twitter headers or media kits etc... or you can just create your own designs too! They have so many templates, fonts and images to choose from and it's just so easy to use. It's primarily free but some options do have to be paid for. However, nothing I've tried to do has cost me anything so far.

This is a tool I now always use and it's perfect because it highlights all incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can add it as an extension to Chrome or install it directly to your desktop so it corrects you as you type or you can just upload your text directly to their website.

If taking blog photos isn't your forte or if you just can't find the time to take any because life keeps getting in the way, Pexels will become your best friend. Here you'll find a whole range of free stock images that are free to use for personal and commercial use and can be modified, distributed, and do not require attribution. Using images from the likes of Google or Pinterest can get you in big trouble so remember to be safe!

If you're like me and pretty clueless when it comes to editing html, this site will be a godsend to you! I originally found it and started to use it when Tumblr was the cool thing and I needed to tweak my theme but it's still really helpful, even now. They have a whole range of different tutorials and they're so simple and easy to follow.

Pretty fonts are a weakness of mine but I do like to change them up quite frequently so paying lots of money for one font isn't ideal and that's why I love DaFont so much, they have tons and tons of fonts for free; There really will be something for everyone and they're so easy to download, install and use! I've been using this site for years and it hasn't failed me yet.
If you take blogging seriously and care where you rank on Google, it's important to ensure that your site contains no broken links. I recommend you check this regularly because I didn't and I recently had to go back and delete and change over 100 links...yikes.

We all tweet links from time to time and if you're also a blogger, you sometimes need to tweet a link, caption and hashtags and ensure it all fits within the 140 character limit, which can be kind of tough so something I find that really helps is a url shortener. I've used the Google one in the past but I much prefer bitly as it shows in-depth analytics of the link, which is really interesting to see.
This is another website I found while on the hunt for a PicMonkey replacement and it's a pretty close match and feels very similar when using it. Just like the old PicMonkey, some of the options are free and others, they charge for. If you're not a fan of this one, another website that is also similar is iPiccy!

I don't schedule too many tweets myself but this website is extremely helpful during busy periods when you need to promote your blog posts on social media but you don't have the time. Try not to go overboard with this though and schedule too many tweets, otherwise, it starts to look a little spammy!

I've never used Wordpress so I can't speak for that but I'm aware that the stats on Blogger are usually incorrect so Google Analytics is essential. It's so in-depth and really gives a huge insight into your readers and how well your blog content is being received. 

Thank you for reading, I hope some of these websites help you! I have a few more websites in mind, which really help me stay organised in terms of blogging so I'll probably do another one of these very soon.

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  1. Such a useful post thank you! I use some of these already such as Canva and Buffer and can definitely recommend both x.