Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five Good Things This Week

001: Friends. I've been going through a really tough time lately and I've realised that it's oh so easy to focus on all the negatives, but one of the biggest positives of going through hell is that you'll soon realise who your true friends are and I've been so thankful to them, the last few weeks! However, this can also sometimes hurt when the ones who you thought meant the most are nowhere to be seen or even worse and they know what you're going through and still choose not to make contact but instead of questioning your self-worth, see it as a blessing in disguise. Now, this can apply to any of the relationships in your life, not just friendships. Below is one of my favourite quotes at the moment!

Absence and lack of communication makes the heart idealize a person. This subconsciously twists your perception of them into thinking that they are something greater than they really are. They ain’t shit. They don’t care. And neither should you."

002: Missguided. It's always been the age-old question when planning an outfit - jeans and a nice top, but what is a nice top???? Even when I was trying to find an outfit for New Years Eve, I scoured the high-street stores high and LOW for a nice top and I saw lots of tops, none of them nice... But now, Missguided has saved us all and have made their very own 'jeans and a nice top" section on their website. Call me a basic bitch all you like, but this has made my week! *buys all of the nice tops ever*

Poppy Rose. This week YouTube announced their new regulations regarding monetisation eligibility...which basically means death to all smaller channels. It's a move that makes me pretty sad because some of the best content comes from smaller creators, but the one good thing that has come from all this, is everyone sharing their favourite smaller creators and I felt like I should share one of my favourite humans on the internet, Poppy! She is honestly one of those really lovely, genuine, pure people and does great advice and body positive videos. She also has a great series on her channel of her coming out story, which is definitely a must watch. Go over to her channel and give her some love!

Gossip Girl. This is kind of bittersweet. We've known that Netflix UK have been life ruiners since they removed the Office (US) but was that amount of misery enough for them? NO, because they are absolute monsters. Now, they're also removing Gossip Girl on February 15th and I am beyond devastated. Obviously, it means I need to binge watch all six seasons in a month to get my last minute fix. And it's making me feel so happy watching it and feeling that teenage nostalgia. All of the music is such a huge throwback to high school and it's making me miss those days so much! Love, love, love!

005: Bloggers sticking together. After the Elle Darby drama, the blogging community got a little bit weird this week, didn't it? Once again, it has been proved that people still don't 'get' the whole blogging thing at all and they are not comfortable with the fact that some can earn money simply by their online influence. Blogging or vlogging, even though a lot of people's hobby and passion, is still a job. Being patronising and telling online creatives to 'get a real job' is just a little bit silly at this point. The second you get paid for your work, it's a job. Heck, it could even be classed as a job before you get paid for it. And the weirdest part of it all is how angry some people become at the thought of this form of self-employment and I just can't fathom it at all. Why would any grown adult have a problem with what anyone else is doing? Why would a grown man, go out of his way to email a blogger, just to tell her that because she's a blogger, she's a freeloader and mock the number of followers she has? Baffling. But what I loved the most from all of this, was how it made all the community stick together once again! Since then, I've seen so much blogger love, with lots of shout-outs and everyone just supporting one another and that makes me so happy!

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