Thursday, January 04, 2018

Top 10: TV Shows of 2017

Initially, I had planned to have my 2017 favourites up during the 'crimbo limbo' but life has been a bit tough recently so I tried to just enjoy Christmas and New Year without worrying. So here we are, my top 10 favourite tv shows that I loved in 2017! 

01. Sex and the City 
Before last year, I had tried time and time again to watch every episode of Sex and the City. It's a show that I've always loved since my teens but every time I'd attempt to watch every season, I'd soon realise how beyond awful Carrie Bradshaw is, but this year, Sky added every series to their Sky Go app and I finally managed to watch them all! This a show that'll make you laugh and cry and it shows a great example of how to do character development right. 

02. The Walking Dead
If you have a love for zombies, this is the show for you! After I played and became obsessed with the Last of Us, I decided to give this a whirl after everyone said how great it was and I quickly became hooked! The early seasons are the best, although the low-budget definitely shows at points. The later seasons have become a little ridiculous and all the pure souls have been killed off...I'm still not over some of the deaths, I'll be honest!

03. Gilmore Girls 
If you are a fan of shows such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, give this a watch asap, you'll be hooked in no time! Be prepared to get super invested and be a crying MESS when Rory graduates!! I will probably end up binge-watching this at some point again this year because it's such a lovely, cosy watch!

04. Peep Show 
I honestly don't watch a whole lot of comedy shows...maybe that's why I'm so sad all of the time (lol) but this is definitely my sort of humour and had me laughing so much! "Everyone at this party isn't as young, fit and single as they're making out. Yep, let's face it, we're all falling apart piece by piece. Doesn't matter if you're single or in a couple: You. Are. Going. To. Die."
05. Pretty Little Liars  
Like many bloggers, I've spoken about this show a number of times already on this blog, but as 2017 saw the end of PLL and the final episodes were aired, I couldn't not include it! Pretty Little Liars was a huge part of my life for many years and even though I'm still not sold entirely on the ending, I'm sad that it's over. 

06. 13 Reasons Why 
Following the book 'Thirteen Reasons Why' by Jay Asher, Netflix released a 13 part series and it became very popular, very quickly. There was a week where it's all anyone was talking about on Twitter. It's a show that tackles very serious issues such as rape and mental health but because of this, a lot of people found it to be very problematic. I think when serious topics are being discussed, it always runs the risk of being very triggering and even though there are trigger warnings on the episodes, it still could affect someone terribly. There are some very graphic scenes, which left me feeling awful for a while but I still think it's a great show, that brings these incredibly important issues to light.
07. Liar
I'm a sucker for ITV dramas and Liar was absolutely incredible and it's already been confirmed that a second season is on the way. If you didn't manage to catch it when it was first aired, the drama follows Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt), a school teacher who accuses surgeon Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) of rape after they had their first date together. It's very gripping and something that you'll probably end up wanting to binge in one go just to find out what really happened and who the 'liar' is. Just like 13 Reasons Why, some scenes could be triggering.

08. Doctor Foster
2017 was definitely the year of the fuck boy and if we hadn't already suffered enough, we put ourselves through the stress of watching the BAFTA award-winning Doctor Foster, another ITV gem. The drama follows Gemma (Suranne Jones) as she suspects her husband, Simon (Bertie Carvel) is having an affair. I think we've all probably been in a situation when we've thought we're being cheated on and this show just made me feel physically sick watching it, bringing all those memories back. A brilliant show, with fantastic acting but be prepared to want to be single forever! 
09. Black Mirror
Black Mirror is definitely something you'll either love or hate. It's an anthology series, which means that every episode or series is a completely different story. Some people hate this type of thing because they feel like they don't have enough time to get into the story or emotionally attach themselves to the characters but I for one, love them and find that sometimes with normal series' you start to tire of the story or characters and there's no danger of that with this. Black Mirror explores the future of humanity and the devastating results that high technology could have! 
10. Inside No.9 
And if you're a fan of Black Mirror, Inside No.9 needs to be the next show on your list to watch, I personally even prefer this over Black Mirror! Created by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, Inside No.9 is also an anthology series but I find the episodes to be a lot more realistic than futuristic like Black Mirror is. There are so many great episodes that I just can't stop thinking about, whereas I find Black Mirror's offering to be very hit or miss!

Thank you for reading! What did you love watching in 2017?



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