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15 Reasons Why Serena Van Der Woodsen Is The Worst

Every time I've gone through a really bad breakup, there are certain things I do, in order to start feeling whole again. One of those things is re-watching Gossip Girl and so, during the last few months, I've been binge-watching all the episodes again. This is the first time I've watched it while not having a teenage mindset and I've seen it so much more differently. Nate and Blair were major relationship goals back in 2009 but now, I can finally see just how bland and vanilla their relationship really was. Also,  how had I never noticed how awful some of the characters were?!?! Growing up, I'd always question who I loved more...Blair or Serena; I even used to think it was an equal thing...HOW? Serena is such an awful person, I couldn't even comprehend some of the things she did! So...

Here are 15 reasons why Serena Van Der Woodsen is the worst. 

01. She slept with her best friend's boyfriend...
Serena knew FULL WELL that Nate and Blair were waiting to lose their virginity to each other so she decided to take Nate's virginity instead!!! In 2004, Gretchen Weiners said that ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends, let alone CURRENT ONES. I have no words, S. 

02. She killed a guy!!!
Ok, I guess she didn't outright murder him but she was heavily involved in his death. She's meant to be a ~typical school girl~ but she was literally in a hotel room, with drugs and a full sex tape set up... WHAT? My school days involved a lot more Disney Channel than hers, clearly. Not only this, but she didn't face any responsibility for her involvement either and just did what she always does and ran away... This time to boarding school, and talking of boarding school...

03. Her innocent professor was sentenced to five years in jail because of her.
Ok, the jail term was more down to her Mother, Lily but the relationship was completely inappropriate, whichever way you look at it. She was a high school student,  seeing a grown man after hours...That's not ok at all, (from both parties, obvs)...And even when he said he wasn't comfortable with it and they couldn't ~go there~, she still tried to push for it and suggest they get a hotel room!!! Not only that, but once she frees him from convict life, she's mega surprised when he doesn't want to live happily ever after with her. I'm sorry hun, are you ok?

04. And then if she didn't learn her lesson the first time around, she then hooks up with her university professor too!! 
We all make mistakes, life is full of them, but usually, we make them and learn from them. Not Serena though, she likes to make the same mistakes AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

05. And then when she does make a big mistake and everyone calls her out on it, she just runs away. Time AFTER time. 
Girl never liked facing up to her own problems, she'd just disappear. Sadly, she always returned though and caused more havoc, which, boy, did we love to hate-watch.

06.  The fact she was ever friends with Georgina Sparks!?
You can always judge someone's character by the company they keep. How was she EVER pals with Georgina??? Georgina is always painted out to be the devil reincarnated and Serena is the saint? I think not, somehow.

07. She stole Blair's lifetime dream of attending Yale. 
Everyone has different dreams in life. Blair had a pretty solid life plan and attending Yale was a must. Of course, Serena, being her best friend knew this fact but went after Yale herself, just to spite Blair. Serena got the spot due to nepotism and shattered Blair's life dream. However, she did end up passing up her spot and got a place at Brown instead. She, of course, made this into a huge deal like she was taking one for the team BUT then she doesn't even go to Brown, defers for a year and then follows Blair to Columbia!!! 

08. She only ever wants what she can't have. 
Something Blair has? She wants it. A guy in a relationship? She's in love. Her ex is happy with someone else? Old feelings are resurfacing. 

09. And she also wants everything to go her way or she starts scheming. 
If Serena gets something into her head, it has to happen her way or no way, and she doesn't care who she hurts in the process.

010. The fact she couldn't see what a dick her Dad was!!
I understand that huge void you feel when your Dad isn't around and when you do start to have a relationship again, you give them a lot of exceptions but Serena's Dad is just on another level and made her Mum, Lily think she still had cancer, just so he could stick around longer...No. Babes. Stop that. That's psychotic behaviour. Ain't nobody got time for that!

011. The fact she's never had to work for anything in her whole life. 
Girl can do whatever she likes because of her family name. One week she's a super hot socialite, the next she's a publicist, then she's working for the government as an intern, because of course she is. Later she's even a film producer ALL BEFORE GRADUATING COLLEGE, like what? Nepotism at it's finest. And while we're on the topic of her career...

012. Whilst working as an intern for the government, she starts an affair with a married politician. 
I mean, if you thought she couldn't sink any lower, she just did. If she was British, you could just imagine the vile Tories she'd try and bag. Vom. To make matters worse, the married guy is the cousin of none other than her ex-boyfriend. Why is she so comfortable having relationships with multiple men from the same family. Surely that would be a little awkward at the Christmas table, no??

013. Marrying Dan, even though they share a sibling!!!
How could you marry someone and have sex with them knowing that you share a sibling??? H O W. It's all I would be thinking about. It wouldn't leave my mind. "Are you cumming?" "Yes, to my bloody senses. Get off me." 

014. And also marrying him even though he was behind Gossip Girl ALL THOSE YEARS. 
I am sorry but Dan is clearly mentally unstable??? Serena should be getting a restraining order against him, not marrying the bloke. But I guess we shouldn't expect any less from her. After all, she would HAVE to marry someone who's as obsessed with her as she is with herself. 

015. And lastly, even the queen, Blake Lively herself said that she felt "personally compromised" when playing the role of Serena, and even went on to say that she felt like she wanted to be putting a better message out there. 
Well, there ya go! Even Blake admits that Serena is the worst. *pretends to be shocked

I hope you enjoyed this more light-hearted post! I absolutely adore Gossip Girl. If you're one of those rare people that have never seen it, head over to Netflix and binge-watch all six seasons now! If you have seen it, I'd love it if you told me your favourite and least favourite characters in the comments below! 

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