Friday, August 03, 2018


So, hi...I haven't sat down and written a post on this blog in a hot minute, it almost feels alien to me at this point. I've been blogging since around 2011 and in recent years, I put a lot of pressure on myself to stick to a schedule, ensuring to put out three posts a week and I almost didn't even care how good they were anymore, I just needed to stick to that bloody schedule.

In the last few months, a lot of things have changed for me in so many great ways (mostly to do with work, which is v. exciting!!) and as a result, my thought process is completely different and I came to the realisation that I didn't want to force out content anymore. Instead, I'll use this blog more so when I actually have something to say. I think more and more bloggers are doing this and are no longer worrying about sticking to schedules and I am now doing the very same. If you enjoyed my true crime posts, these will now be over on my second blog - Gloomy Corner

So, today I wanted to jump back into my mental health series and discuss my experience with therapy. Before my break, I wrote two posts about therapy which you can read here & here and they're both pretty positive because that's how I felt at the time. I always said I'd do an update but life got in the way and it never happened, but I thought I'd finally do that today!